West Coast Customs Scion FR-S is Surprisingly Tasteful

West Coast Customs is probably the most famous custom car shop in the world. Ryan Friedlinghaus and West Coast Customs brought car customization to the public eye with the absurd builds the shop did for Pimp My Ride, so when I tell you he built a Scion FR-S for his son Ryan Jr., you’re probably cringing in anticipation.

Don’t worry, there are no ridiculous TVs in the wheels or “Hey son I know you played Twisted Metal last week so I built your car to look just like Sweet Tooth’s, complete with giant clown head on top.”


Instead Ryan Jr. got a really classy white FR-S with gold accents in the fog lights, emblems, wheels and even exhaust tips (I’ve never seen gold exhaust tips before, so I’ll have to assume they are custom rather than an off the shelf cat back exhaust.  It would be interesting to see how they hold up to a few thousand miles of driving).


The West Coast Customs Scion FR-S custom interior is surprisingly untevelisioned got black suede seats with a golden waffle stitching pattern, black and gold plaid on the doors, and gold stitching setting off the black steering wheel and shift boot.


Since the only company mentioned on the car is Tein, we have to assume that the perfect stance with no wheel gap comes from a set of Tein coilovers.


Hold on a sec, what’s that in the background of one of the build pictures West Coast Customs put on Facebook?  That’s a Bronco II isn’t it?


Not sure if I’m more interested to learn what West Coast Customs is doing to the Bronco II or who is willing to pay West Coast Customs to customize a Bronco II.

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