Toyota Supra Gets Scion FR-S Front End Retrofitted

The FR-S and Supra are linked, without the Supra’s irrefutable popularity Toyota would have never built the Scion FR-S, and without the success of the FR-S, Toyota would never consider building a new Supra, whether it’s an FR-S based Supra or a completely independent model.

That link between the FR-S and Supra obviously makes customizers think of combining the two cars into one. Most of the time that is a 2JZ Engine swap into the FR-S, but one tuner, Gameon Motorsports out of New South Wales has an alternative: A Scion FR-S (Toyota FT-86) front end swapped onto a 2JZ Supra.


The end result is definitely beautiful and will turn more than a few heads. Of course, a 15-year old 2JZ Supra costs about as much as a new FR-S, so most people who buy the older Supras are pretty happy to show off the stock front end. That’s what makes this custom Supra so special, it’s the opposite of a Fiero rocking a Ferrari body kit or even a 240SX with a GTR conversion. It’s a high end car wearing a less expensive one’s front end just because it looks good. There’s something so pure about that, like whoever built the Supra FR-S hybrid is tapped into what made us all love custom cars in the first place: the idea that with some work you can create something better than what came out of the factory, even if it means swapping a Chevy smallblock V8 into a BRZ or a FR-S front end onto a Supra.


Image via Gameon Motorsports Facebook.

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