Toyota Registers Supra Trademark, FR-S Supra On The Way?


Toyota has officially filed trademark papers for the Supra name. This is some of the most concrete evidence we’ve seen that Toyota does pan to build a more powerful sports car. The Supra may be built on a unique platform if Toyota decides to make it a high end sports car to compete with the Nissan GT-R and Dodge Viper, or the company could go back to its roots and built an FR-S Supra on the chassis of an existing sports car.

We already know that Toyota is loathe to build a sports car with an uncertain future. Toyota was hedging its bets on the FR-S when it got into bed with Subaru on the project. Toyota is already working on a deal with BMW for an engine for a new sports car, so that BMW engine replacing the Subaru Boxer in the FR-S to make the Supra seems the most likely outcome.

Toyota has also talked about a four door Scion FR-S with all-wheel drive and a turbocharger. That would make for a fitting replacement for the later generations of the Supra. The legendary 2JZ engine, which makes over 1,000 horsepower in some builds, was originally found in the Supra.

There’s also still a chance that Toyota will play it conservatively and the FR-S Supra will use the upcoming 2.5-liter FR-S engine. That would allow Subaru to release the same 2.5-liter BRZ as a BRZ STI.


Source: Autoweek.

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