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Speedhunters Builds Retro Race Car for SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge 2014


Speedhunters lived up to their name with the Scion Tuner Challenge build for SEMA 2014, building a track ready race car out of the FR-S. The Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S is a widebody racecar with a full roll cage, supercharger and more.

The Speedhunters FR-S has a Cosworth Stage 2.0 supercharger, Delicious Tuning ECU tune, an Airaid intake, Raceseng air conditioner delete, shaved engine bay and wiring harness, a CSF radiator, JDL header, and a 3” single exit exhaust.


For the exterior, the Speedhunters Scion Challenge FR-S got Speedhunters’ own KM4SH fender flares with shaved screw pockets for a cleaner look, Charvonia design fender vents and rear diffuser, custom front diffuser. For the race car look, the FR-S also got a side window glass delete, shaved door handles, shaved mirrors replaced with old school fender mounted mirrors. Seventeen inch Rotiform BLQ wheels keep up the retro theme.


Full RS*R Black-i coilovers, SuperPro front and rear sway bars, sway bar stiffening plates and SPC Performance rear lower control arms give the Speedhunters FR-S handling to match the engine performance. A Wilwood big brake kit with 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers and 12.88” rotors will stop the car like brick wall.


Since this is a SEMA car, the Speedhunters FR-S isn’t just a stripped out race car inside. The interior upgrades to the FR-S aren’t completely barebones: custom leather trim from JPM Coachworks, shaved seatbelt mounts and airbag test from Charvonia Design, custom door panels and dashboard, Takata harnesses (the import scene is going to have to come up with a new #basic harness to install in every car), a Cusco 4 point roll cage, custom low back seats, a race steering wheel, and vintage Indycar pedals and footrest.


Source: Scion

West Coast Customs Scion FR-S is Surprisingly Tasteful

West Coast Customs is probably the most famous custom car shop in the world. Ryan Friedlinghaus and West Coast Customs brought car customization to the public eye with the absurd builds the shop did for Pimp My Ride, so when I tell you he built a Scion FR-S for his son Ryan Jr., you’re probably cringing in anticipation.

Don’t worry, there are no ridiculous TVs in the wheels or “Hey son I know you played Twisted Metal last week so I built your car to look just like Sweet Tooth’s, complete with giant clown head on top.”


Instead Ryan Jr. got a really classy white FR-S with gold accents in the fog lights, emblems, wheels and even exhaust tips (I’ve never seen gold exhaust tips before, so I’ll have to assume they are custom rather than an off the shelf cat back exhaust.  It would be interesting to see how they hold up to a few thousand miles of driving).


The West Coast Customs Scion FR-S custom interior is surprisingly untevelisioned got black suede seats with a golden waffle stitching pattern, black and gold plaid on the doors, and gold stitching setting off the black steering wheel and shift boot.


Since the only company mentioned on the car is Tein, we have to assume that the perfect stance with no wheel gap comes from a set of Tein coilovers.


Hold on a sec, what’s that in the background of one of the build pictures West Coast Customs put on Facebook?  That’s a Bronco II isn’t it?


Not sure if I’m more interested to learn what West Coast Customs is doing to the Bronco II or who is willing to pay West Coast Customs to customize a Bronco II.

Drift Aesthetic – Work Wheels and Unpainted Bumpers on an FR-S


The Scion FR-S is called the Toyota 86 in Japan. In addition to a Toyota badge, Japanese buyers get the option of an RC model, which is a stripped down base model with unpainted bumpers, no automatic transmission option and no air conditioning. Basically a Scion FR-S ready to race or get thrown sideways through turns. This 86 started as an RC model, then was thrown through the ringer and built into a full show car that keeps the barebones drift aesthetic alive.


Those unpainted bumpers that look ready to slap a wall sideways at 100 miles an hour are by Todoroki, as are the coilovers and other suspension components.


This isn’t just a barebones drifter though, this FR-S has 18-inch Work Meister wheels that are 10 inches wide in front and 10.5 in the rear. Takata Harnesses, Project Mu and Brembo brakes and Bride seats mean that no expense was spared making this FR-S look like it’s ready to be crashed and rebuilt and crashed again all in one weekend.


Finishing the Mad Max-esque drift look is the air intake jutting through the front bumper.

Stance Nation has a full write up of all the FR-S’ mods and many more pictures.

StanceNation G Edition Japan Car Show Featured Some Sick FR-Ss & BRZs

The StanceNation G Edition car show in Japan features some crazy custom cars.  in between the high end VIP cars, custom classics and even some stanced Kei cars there were a few awesome Scion FR-S, Toyota FT-86 and Subaru BRZ customs.


This FT-86 has the Rocket Bunny V1 widebody kit, Work VS wheels that haven’t been released to the public yet, and either a turbo kit or a supercharger being fed by that huge front mount intercooler.


Everyone’s favorite is a V8 swapped FR-S, this one doesn’t have an Chevy LS V8 swap, but it does have individual throttle bodies, which makes it even cooler.  The V8 FR-S also has a Todokori front bumper, STI brakes, and Work Emotion D9R wheels.



This white FR-S is the personal car of Keisuke Morita from HKS Japan and has an HKS supercharger kit, APR exterior parts and CCW wheels.


Air bags, a custom widebody kit, and awesome looking VIP Modular wheels make the Crystal Eye FT-86 one of the best looking show cars in any country.


This baby blue FR-S has the new Rocket Bunny V2 kit, with the sick front splitter and duck tail spoiler along with some Work Meister M1R wheels.

All pictures are from StickyDilJoe’s coverage of the StanceNation G Edition car show.  Check out their coverage of the show for a ton of Japanese custom cars .

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Scion FR-S On Vossen Wheels


The Scion FR-S is a beautiful car. Even people who don’t care one bit about the car’s handling or pure, fun driving experience can get excited about the FR-S’ almost supercar good looks. It might not be a supercar, but it still turns heads on every street it drives down. Just because the girls in your hometown might not have Giselle’s cheek bones doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful.


One thing that really separates the FR-S from supercars is the wheels the car comes with. A $25,000 car just won’t come with sick wheels, so you have to add your own.


That’s what Wheel Specialists Inc. did with their red FR-S. They fitted the Scion FR-S with Vossen VVS-CV3 wheels in matte black with a machined face.


Purists might say the 19” Vossens make the Scion FR-S look like it’s been donked (like the Hot Wheels FR-S Donk variant that made it into stores), but purists rarely have much fun or really awesome looking cars.




Images via autoevolution.