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Rocket Bunny FR-S Wallpapers – Stanced on BR Coilovers and Work Wheels

This super clean FR-S was shot by Canibeat at the Macon Madness car show. ┬áThis Georgian FR-S looks just peachy (yuck yuck yuck I’ll be here all week folks) rocking the always beautiful Rocket Bunny widebody kit.


The perfect stance on the Rocket Bunny FR-S comes from a set of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers.


Those gorgeous, classic looking wheels are 18 inch Work VS XX wheels 12 inches wide in the rear and 10.5 up front.




Check out Canibeat‘s photoshoot of the Rocket Bunny FR-S for high res wallpapers of all these pics and more.

A Few Scion FR-S Wallpapers to Remind You How Gorgeous This Car Is

Just in case you forgot in the face of all those high horsepower FR-S and BRZ builds, these cars are absolutely gorgeous. Not just built for drifting, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are also the only cars under 30 grand suitable for handing to a valet.


This one, photographed by Louis Yo of Drifted, is a perfect shade of black to match her little dress.




Visit Drifted for the high resolution wallpapers of these beautiful shots.