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Scion FR-S Lightning McQueen Edition Will Make You The King of the Schoolyard


Here’s how I know this guy loves his kid more than my dad loved me: he turned his FR-S, a sexy red sports car, into Lightning McQueen. If my dad had really loved me, the family Jeep would have been replaced with a red sports car just like this one. But instead all I got was a bad skin and an abandonment complex.


Ryan Lee from Speedworks Engineering built his FR-S into lightning McQueen with some custom vinyl so that his son could be the coolest kid in school. Oh and the FR-S is turbo with 300-hp, so it’s got that going for it too.

This is the single coolest modification you can make to your FR-S, forget your Rocket Bunnys and your 2JZ swaps. You’re a fool if you don’t copy this guy. Unless you don’t have kids. if you don’t have kids, don’t do this. You’ll just end up having to try to explain it to the police and then introducing yourself to your neighbors for the rest of your life.

Here’s a video of the unveiling:


Source: The Clipping Point

Rocket Bunny FR-S/ BRZ Scale Model Kit Now Available


You love the Rocket Bunny widebody kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. You do. Don’t lie and say you don’t just because you can’t afford to build one. There’s no reason to hate out of jealousy. So since we both know how much you love the Rocket Bunny kit, we both know you’re going to want to build this model car version.

Built by Aoshima and now on sale sold by Speedhunters, the Rocket Bunny FR-S model is the perfect toy for tuners, it not only comes with a full Scion FR-S with the Rocket Bunny widebody kit, but also with a full arsenal of Greddy mods and Volk G25 wheels for the 1:24 size sports car.

Hot Wheels Scion FR-S Gets Donk Variation

It looks like Hot Wheels goofed on a run of Scion FR-S die cast models and threw some Ds on that. The Scion FR-S Hot Wheels car normally comes with appropriately sized wheels, but some three packs that include the FR-S have huge wheels on the sports car, making it look more like a donk built for cruising down the street with the system bumping than a corner carving machine.


In case you’re unfamiliar with toys and collectibles, every once in a while a minor mistake will make it into production (or a small change will be purposely made in low quantities), creating a variation that is more rare and thus more collectible and valuable than the standard toy. The Hot Wheels Scion FR-S variation may be valuable in a few years once the mistake is out of production. At the very least, it will make a fun collectible for Scion FR-S owners.



The Lamley Group discovered this variation and they say that the donk FR-S can be found in 3-packs from Walmart stores. You can tell the variation Hot Wheels FR-S by the missing bit of paint in the white stripe down the side.