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Speedhunters Builds Retro Race Car for SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge 2014


Speedhunters lived up to their name with the Scion Tuner Challenge build for SEMA 2014, building a track ready race car out of the FR-S. The Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S is a widebody racecar with a full roll cage, supercharger and more.

The Speedhunters FR-S has a Cosworth Stage 2.0 supercharger, Delicious Tuning ECU tune, an Airaid intake, Raceseng air conditioner delete, shaved engine bay and wiring harness, a CSF radiator, JDL header, and a 3” single exit exhaust.


For the exterior, the Speedhunters Scion Challenge FR-S got Speedhunters’ own KM4SH fender flares with shaved screw pockets for a cleaner look, Charvonia design fender vents and rear diffuser, custom front diffuser. For the race car look, the FR-S also got a side window glass delete, shaved door handles, shaved mirrors replaced with old school fender mounted mirrors. Seventeen inch Rotiform BLQ wheels keep up the retro theme.


Full RS*R Black-i coilovers, SuperPro front and rear sway bars, sway bar stiffening plates and SPC Performance rear lower control arms give the Speedhunters FR-S handling to match the engine performance. A Wilwood big brake kit with 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers and 12.88” rotors will stop the car like brick wall.


Since this is a SEMA car, the Speedhunters FR-S isn’t just a stripped out race car inside. The interior upgrades to the FR-S aren’t completely barebones: custom leather trim from JPM Coachworks, shaved seatbelt mounts and airbag test from Charvonia Design, custom door panels and dashboard, Takata harnesses (the import scene is going to have to come up with a new #basic harness to install in every car), a Cusco 4 point roll cage, custom low back seats, a race steering wheel, and vintage Indycar pedals and footrest.


Source: Scion

GT Channel FR-S for SEMA 2014


An FR-S concept car that isn’t widebody? That’s almost as rare as an unmolested 240SX. So what can you do to the FR-S besides slap a Rocket Bunny kit on it? GT Channel took the high road and decided to find out for their SEMA 2014 FR-S build.


GT Channel teamed up with legendary Japanese tuner Mine’s for the build, which is sort of cheating but since this was a contest between media companies and it’s all about publicity and building great cars on the FR-S platform, they get a pass. For the body kit, the understated but beautiful GT Channel FR-S uses an Espirit front lip, TRD sideskirts and a Seibon carbon fiber diffuser. The carbon diffuser is matched with a Seibon carbon hood and trunk. Wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing ZE40 with 265-widrth Bridgestone Potenza R11S tiresThe two-tone paint and bright blue accents give the FR-S a high tech look, sort of like the glowing emblems the Release Series 1.0 comes with.

GT Channel added an HKS GT supercharger along with an Unorthodox Racing crank pulley, a Ganador exhaust with 5Zigen straight pipe and a CSF Radiator. The KW coilover kit, along with supporting suspension mods, was tuned by MotoIQ.

Inside the GT Channel FR-S has Recaro racing seats Takata harnesses (AAH SHRAPNEL!) and a Pioneer sound system.

sema-2014-frs-carbon-fiber-trunk scion-frs-gt-channel-sema-2014-carbon-fiber-hood


Source: Scion

Video – 400 HP Supercharged Scion FR-S Hits The Track

There’s one reason you buy a Scion FR-S and bolt a supercharger to it: to drive fast. Taking one of the most fun to drive cars on the market today and doubling the horsepower with a supercharger kit is one of the most fool-proof ways to put a smile on any car lover’s face.

This FR-S was built by French tuner Monstaka with an HKS supercharger kit and a few other mods including an exhaust to give the beast 400-horsepower. The video shows a hot lap of the Magny Cours Club track faster than a Porsche Cayman GTS.

Here’s a rundown of some lap times of the Magny Cours Club:
Lotus Exige S – 1’23”22
BMW M4 – 1’23”72
Scion FR-S by Monstaka – 1’23’75
Porsche Cayman GTS – 1’24”21
Alfa Romeo 4C – 1’24”91
Stock Scion FR-S 1’31”20

If the sound of the supercharged FR-S didn’t put a smile on your face, beating a Porsche Cayman GTS will.

Lucas Oil KSR FR-S With the World’s First TRD Supercharger


If you’re a fan of the Scion FR-S’ TRD supercharger, and who isn’t, then you have to respect the Lucas Oil KSR FR-S for no other reason than the fact that this was the very first car to be outfitted with the Toyota built, bolt on, warranty preserving TRD supercharger. This is the genesis (not Hyundai), the alpha (not Alfa), the prelude (not Honda).


This TRD supercharged 2013 FR-S was first unveiled at the 2012 SEMA show and is now racing in the Pirelli World Challenge with Robert Stout driving. The car has a Cusco and Vertex suspension, 325-horsepower and 325 ft-lbs of torque from the TRD supercharged FA20, and a curb weight of just 2,600 lbs. The Lucas Oil KSR FR-S also has a Vertex body kit and 18-inch Rays TE37 wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires.


Source: Scion Racing

Innovate Motorsports Supercharger Dyno Tested

If you’re looking for useable street performance on the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, a supercharger kit is probably high on your list. Import Tuner recently got their hands on an Innovate Motorsports supercharger kit for their FR-S and did a full install themselves, complete with a before and after dyno comparison.


The FR-S this Innovate supercharger kit was installed on had an intake and exhaust already installed (as most cars getting forced induction probably will) and laid down 174 wheel horsepower. Factoring in a 20% drivetrain loss, that comes out to about 217 hp at the flywheel, which is a decent gain from a bolt on intake and cat back exhaust.


After the Innovate supercharger was installed, the FR-S made 226 wheel horsepower, 52 more than the naturally aspirated motor for a 30% gain.

HKS Supercharged FR-S vs TRD FR-S


A supercharger kit might be the first thing you dream about when you buy an FR-S, but with the entire world of tuning out there for you to choose from, is it the right choice for you? Would you rather build a slower but better handling car with suspension mods, bigger brakes and better wheels and tires? How about if Toyota would build it for you and throw in a body kit and cat back exhaust to sweeten the pot? That’s the question Car Throttle set about to answer with their comparison between the FR-S TRD package (in the U.K.) and an FR-S that had been built with an HKS Supercharger kit.


The TRD FR-S ditches the Prius spec tires that let it slide like Tara Lipinski and also allowed a 30-mpg highway rating. It also has bigger diameter wheels, more powerful brakes, a body kit for a snazzier look and a cat back exhaust for a little extra horsepower and a lot better sound.

The HKS supercharged FR-S has a starting price right around the same as the TRD FR-S, and while it doesn’t come with the nicer wheels, beefier tires, better brakes, meaner exhaust or prettier bodykit, it does come with a supercharger. The HKS supercharger here was tuned to 278-horsepower and 215-lb-ft of torque, which is good for a claimed 0-62 mph time of 5.5 seconds, down from 7.4. Top speed on the HKS superchaged FR-S is 150 mph, an increase of 10 over the stock car. The car tested also had a better suspension and better tires outfitted, so there’s no real 1-for-1 comparison of which gives a better driving experience for your money, but the the story seems to be pretty clear that the supercharger is the hero.

Is This The Perfect FR-S?

I can’t tell what it is about this Scion FR-S that makes it so appealing, but I can’t deny that I absolutely love it.


With a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, KW coilovers, a Vortech supercharger, Nitto race tires and green accents that might have come from the PAAS color pallette, it’s definitely an impressive build, but it’s also nothing that hasn’t been seen before. Maybe it’s the way the wheels and tires perfectly fill the wheel wells without going overboard like so many “stanced” cars.

Maybe it’s just the really good paint job. My girlfriend once admitted to me that the only thing she finds appealing in a car is the shininess of the paint job, and since then I’ve noticed myself falling into the same trap. So a word to the wise: if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of custom FR-Ss and BRZs, spend a little extra and get a good shiny paint job.


Source: Stancenation

StanceNation G Edition Japan Car Show Featured Some Sick FR-Ss & BRZs

The StanceNation G Edition car show in Japan features some crazy custom cars.  in between the high end VIP cars, custom classics and even some stanced Kei cars there were a few awesome Scion FR-S, Toyota FT-86 and Subaru BRZ customs.


This FT-86 has the Rocket Bunny V1 widebody kit, Work VS wheels that haven’t been released to the public yet, and either a turbo kit or a supercharger being fed by that huge front mount intercooler.


Everyone’s favorite is a V8 swapped FR-S, this one doesn’t have an Chevy LS V8 swap, but it does have individual throttle bodies, which makes it even cooler.  The V8 FR-S also has a Todokori front bumper, STI brakes, and Work Emotion D9R wheels.



This white FR-S is the personal car of Keisuke Morita from HKS Japan and has an HKS supercharger kit, APR exterior parts and CCW wheels.


Air bags, a custom widebody kit, and awesome looking VIP Modular wheels make the Crystal Eye FT-86 one of the best looking show cars in any country.


This baby blue FR-S has the new Rocket Bunny V2 kit, with the sick front splitter and duck tail spoiler along with some Work Meister M1R wheels.

All pictures are from StickyDilJoe’s coverage of the StanceNation G Edition car show.  Check out their coverage of the show for a ton of Japanese custom cars .

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