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Subaru Says Engineering, Safety Problems Make BRZ & FR-S Convertibles Impossible


Toyota has been pushing the Scion FR-S convertible concept pretty hard over the last year. The beautiful drop top FR-S was even shown to Toyota dealers as an incentive to keep them from dropping the Scion brand. Now, however, Subaru has come out and said that the BRZ and FR-S convertible will never happen, citing safety concerns and engineering problems.

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru’s parent company) president Yasuyuki Yoshinaga said that a convertible version of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S is not a possibility.

“We make the car, so if we don’t make it, it can’t happen,” Yoshinaga told Automotive News.”Our engineering department told me that losing the entire roof requires a complete redesign of the structure. It would need a big change.”

Toyota has been bullish on the FR-S convertible. In addition to teasing an FR-S to U.S. Dealers, Toyota showed off a new version of the FR-S convertible at the Tokyo Motor Show with an electric powered automatic top.

“I understand well that Toyota is receiving strong requests from the American market for the car,” Yoshinaga said. “But the biggest challenge is meeting our internal safety standards. There are big technical difficulties.”


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Scion FR-S Convertible Used to Convince Toyota Dealers Not To Drop Scion

The bad news if you’re eagerly anticipating the Scion FR-S convertible: Your local Toyota dealer may have dropped Scion by the time the FR-S convertible is on sale.

The good news is that Toyota showed off the FR-S convertible concept that originally debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013 to the dealers in hopes of enticing them to stay the course.   The FR-S Convertible is one of the two preproduction cars that Toyota showed off at the dealer meeting. The other was a competitor for the Nissan Juke.

Toyota is hoping to drop some of the 1,000 current Scion dealerships and announced at the dealer meeting that it would be allowing dealerships to stop carrying the Scion brand with no consequences. Toyota initially intended for about half of all dealers to sell the Scion line, but when the brand proved popular nearly all dealerships decided to carry Scions. Currently about 1,000 of Toyota’s 1,225 dealers carry Scion, according to Automotive News.