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Is This The Perfect FR-S?

I can’t tell what it is about this Scion FR-S that makes it so appealing, but I can’t deny that I absolutely love it.


With a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, KW coilovers, a Vortech supercharger, Nitto race tires and green accents that might have come from the PAAS color pallette, it’s definitely an impressive build, but it’s also nothing that hasn’t been seen before. Maybe it’s the way the wheels and tires perfectly fill the wheel wells without going overboard like so many “stanced” cars.

Maybe it’s just the really good paint job. My girlfriend once admitted to me that the only thing she finds appealing in a car is the shininess of the paint job, and since then I’ve noticed myself falling into the same trap. So a word to the wise: if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of custom FR-Ss and BRZs, spend a little extra and get a good shiny paint job.


Source: Stancenation

Great Video of Stanced Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is a fun to drive sports car with excellent handling, but not everyone wants to drive fast and slide around corners for fun. Some Scion FR-S owners, like the one who built this blue FR-S, are into show more than go. This stanced FR-S with the Rocket Bunny Body Kit has 18 inch wheels with a huge lips thanks to their 10.5 inch width. Those wheels are sitting at -15 camber with stretched tires to fit perfectly underneath the fenders of the dropped FR-S.

And if you’re thinking that this Scion FR-S’ stance ruins the fun of the car and makes it boring to drive, think for a minute about how exciting and nerve wracking it must be to drive a dropped FR-S with less than an inch between the wheels and the fenders on New York’s rough roads.