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Toyota Confirms New Supra. Here’s Why It Will Be an FR-S Supra


Toyota will build a new Supra.  According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the new Supra will share a platform with the next generation BMW Z4 and the companies will work together to build the sports cars.  Nikkei seems to think that BMW’s experience with carbon fiber bodies is a main contributor to the Supra Z4 plan, but the Supra was cut in 2002 because of its astronomical price, so Toyota will probably be very price conscious this time around.  What makes more sense is for Toyota to make the Supra a Scion Supra and build it on the next generation FR-S platform.  Here’s why:

BMW Already Has The Engine

The Supra came with a turbocharged inline six engine and was legendary for it. The BMW Z4 already has a turbocharged inline six engine and BMW inline sixes are legendary in their own rite.  Of course the Supra would need a lot more power than the 300-horsepower the Z4 comes with right now to be competitive today, but that won’t be much of a problem for BMW (the E46 M3 had 333-hp without a turbo 15 years ago, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to get 400 or 450-hp for the Supra).

Toyota Already Has The Car

The Supra will need to be a rear or all-wheel drive sports car with the option of a convertible (there’s no way BMW is selling the Z4 without a drop top).  We already know that the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ 2nd generation will probably use a more flexible chassis that would allow for things like a convertible and all-wheel drive.  With that car under development not and Toyota moving towards more modular chassis, why wouldn’t it include room for a bigger inline-six Supra engine.

Scion Needs The Help

Scion is failing as a youth brand.  The xA and xD were both boring duds that sold to older people cross shopping the Nissan Versa and Kia Rio.  The xB ballooned into a midsized wagon and lost all of its charm with the second generation.  The tC appeals to young girls, but absolutely not to young men, so that’s a success of sorts. The brand’s shining star of youthfulness is the FR-S, but Toyota still needed to bribe dealers with the promise of an FR-S Convertible to keep them from dropping the brand.
Of course, they could always just stuff a 2JZ under the hood of a current Z4 and call it a day, what do I know?

Scibaru Part Deux: Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Confirmed for Second Generation


The Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S second generations have been officially confirmed. Subaru boss Yasuyuki Yoshinaga told Automotive News that contrary to speculation, “it’s not going to be just one generation.” The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ won’t break away from each other and will be built on the same platform for the second generation.

Subaru has a reason to be bullish on the FR-S BRZ’s continued production, while Toyota has some reason to be hesitant.  Subaru BRZ sales rose six percent through June, while FR-S sales fell 24 percent.  Even with that fall the FR-S almost doubled the BRZ’s sales this year with 7,662 Scions sold to 4,295 Subarus.

No specifications have been announced for the second generation FR-S and BRZ, but expect minor engine performance upgrades to add a bit of horsepower in the base car. The drivetrain will also probably be stronger to accommodate a stronger engine option like the 2.5-liter engine or a turbocharger. Lastly we will probably see some changes to the FR-S and BRZ platform that would allow more flexibility in body styles, opening the path for an FR-S convertible, an FR-S sedan or a BRZ Crossover.

Potential FR-S Supra Caught Testing At The Nurburgring


When a carmaker builds a new car, they put it through the paces at their own test track. When they build a sporty car, they take it to a racetrack. When they build a real sports car though, there is only one place to test it out: The Nurburgring.


Spy photographers caught this FR-S prototype testing at the Nurburgring with the full race car workup complete with what looks like a painted carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk, carbon fiber roof and a gigantic spoiler. This could be a test car for future TRD performance parts, or it could be a test car for the future FR-S Supra that Toyota will probably develop with a BMW-sourced engine.


The car is probably built by Gazoo racing, the Toyota Skunkworks department that built the custom FR-S with Supra tail lights, so whether it’s the FR-S Supra or a Turbo FR-S motor, it’s definitely got something exciting under the hood.


Of course, this is all a guessing game until Scion comes out and tell us what the mystery FR-S really is, so what do you think? Spotted any details about the car that everyone else missed? Let us know in the comments.





Source: inautonews.com

West Coast Customs Scion FR-S is Surprisingly Tasteful

West Coast Customs is probably the most famous custom car shop in the world. Ryan Friedlinghaus and West Coast Customs brought car customization to the public eye with the absurd builds the shop did for Pimp My Ride, so when I tell you he built a Scion FR-S for his son Ryan Jr., you’re probably cringing in anticipation.

Don’t worry, there are no ridiculous TVs in the wheels or “Hey son I know you played Twisted Metal last week so I built your car to look just like Sweet Tooth’s, complete with giant clown head on top.”


Instead Ryan Jr. got a really classy white FR-S with gold accents in the fog lights, emblems, wheels and even exhaust tips (I’ve never seen gold exhaust tips before, so I’ll have to assume they are custom rather than an off the shelf cat back exhaust.  It would be interesting to see how they hold up to a few thousand miles of driving).


The West Coast Customs Scion FR-S custom interior is surprisingly untevelisioned got black suede seats with a golden waffle stitching pattern, black and gold plaid on the doors, and gold stitching setting off the black steering wheel and shift boot.


Since the only company mentioned on the car is Tein, we have to assume that the perfect stance with no wheel gap comes from a set of Tein coilovers.


Hold on a sec, what’s that in the background of one of the build pictures West Coast Customs put on Facebook?  That’s a Bronco II isn’t it?


Not sure if I’m more interested to learn what West Coast Customs is doing to the Bronco II or who is willing to pay West Coast Customs to customize a Bronco II.

Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Coming In August




The first of the Scion FR-S Release Series special edition cars will hit dealer lots in August. The Scion FR-S Release 1.0 will be easy to spot with bright yellow Kuzu paint and a full compliment of TRD performance parts.



The FR-S Release Series 1.0 will get a full TRD body kit with front lip, side skirts, rear valence and a three piece spoiler. While the FR-S Release Series body modifications are all available off the shelf, the Kuzu paint will be unique.

The exterior will be topped off with HID headlights and LED daytime running lights (The Release Series and the Monogram Series are the only FR-S models with LED daytime runners).

The FR-S Release Series 1.0 won’t just a pretty face. TRD lowering springs will give it cornering a step above the standard FR-S’ already impressive handling. A TRD catback exhaust with quad tips will give the FR-S Release Series 1.0 an aggressive growl along with 10 horsepower.

A thicker leather TRD steering wheel adds extra grip for your left hand while a leather TRD shift knob fits perfectly in the right. New GT 86 TRD branded shifter plate, push button start, dual zone A/C, numbered FR-S Release Series 1.0 badge, GT 86 seats with FR-S patterned inserts and TRD cargo mats all make the FR-S Release Series 1.0 interior unique.

Scion FR-S Convertible On Sale By End Of 2014


The Scion FR-S Convertible has had a tumultuous incubation. Toyota developed the concept FR-S convertible for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and showed it off to U.S. Toyota dealers that year as an incentive to keep those dealers from dropping the Scion brand altogether. Subaru vetoed the idea of an FR-S and BRZ Convertible, saying that the extra weight of the removable top would compromise the BRZ’s sporty feel. Since then, Toyota has publicly pondered going ahead with the FR-S Convertible alone, and now it looks like the drop top FR-S will finally see the light of day.

Motor Trend claims that the Scion FR-S Convertible will hit showroom floors in October 2014, only six months from now. The FR-S Convertible’s price will be between $35,000 and $38,000, about $10,000 more than the FR-S starts at. The FR-S Convertible’s weight will go up by about 60-lbs thanks to the power top, which will be enough to necessitate minor suspension upgrades. That power top should fold down in less than 20 seconds.

Scion FR-S Owners Will Get Free Rentals On Larger Toyota Trucks and Cars


The Scion FR-S is almost the perfect car. It’s beautiful, it’s fun to drive, with a turbo kit and a big brake kit it will outperform anything on the road, girls and boys alike will stare when you drive by in it, it may or may not be able to cure premature baldness. There are a few things the FR-S and it’s sister the Subaru BRZ can’t do though. Hauling a 4×8 sheet of plywood. Picking up the in-laws and their luggage from the airport. Holding a week’s worth of camping supplies. Making it to the ski slopes mid storm. All things the FR-S isn’t particularly well suited for.

Scion knows this, so they have launched Scion Swap. Scion FR-S owners can use the Scion Swap program to get ten days of free rentals on the Toyota Tacoma, Sienna, Prius or Camry each year. The Scion Swap program is launching in Houston, Miami and Phoenix for now but will spread if it turns out to be popular.


Source: Complex

Image via MTGCardmaker.com

Scion Will Pay You To Race Your FR-S


Scion is paying owners to race the FR-S in several different closed course races. The program, which is only for Canadian FR-S owners right now, offers up to $800 payouts for winners and up to $350 for participants.

The Scion Racing Contingency will pay FR-S owners to participate in autocross, time attack and drift events and earn from $40 to$350 just for racing or between $100 and $800 for a win.

“The Scion Racing Contingency Program has only been in existence for two years, but we have already made a major contribution to grassroots motorsports in Canada,” said Cyril Dimitris, Director of Scion Canada. “We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2014 for this exceptional program. As part of its evolution, we’re pleased to announce changes to the payout ratio to better reward racers who demonstrate a higher level of participation.”

Most carmakers tout the performance of their cars breathlessly in advertisements and then when owners start using that performance, they quickly turn their back. The lawyers and bureaucrats in charge void warranties and make protective statements, ignoring the fact that sports cars are built to be raced. Scion isn’t most carmakers though and the company has announced that the Scion Racing Contingency will continue for all Scion owners, not just those who drive an FR-S.


Source: Auto Evolution.

Rocket Bunny 2 Body Kit For Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Revealed at SEMA 2013


The Rocket Bunny 2 kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ has been revealed at SEMA 2013. The first Rocket Bunny body kit has become one of the most popular body kits for the FR-S and BRZ, and the Rocket Bunny 2 kit takes that same attractive look to an even more aggressive level.


The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Rocket Bunny 2 body kit, designed by Kei Muira, is a much more extreme body kit than the original Rocket Bunny FR-S and BRZ kit. The Rocket Bunny 2 front bumper is a full front clip rather than just a spoiler add-on and has a much larger opening to allow more air into an intercooler for a supercharger or turbo kit along with a carbon fiber front splitter. The rear of the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S Rocket Bunny 2 kit has a ducktail spoiler like most of the Rocket Bunny body kits.


The Rocket Bunny 2 kit isn’t a simple bolt on body kit. Robert Kochis of Stay Crushing gave this advice based on his experience fitting the Rocket Bunny 2 body kit to his company’s orange FR-S:

“Going from version one to version two was not the easiest thing to do. Be prepared for exposed precious drill holes on the quarter panel and rear bumper as well as more cutting required. Also the inner front bumper needed to be cut to fit the flares and allow clearance for turning radius,” Kochis told Super Street. “Also the front fender has a 1-1.5 inch greater radius than before. In order to properly sit 18-19-inch wheels, a decent sized tire and coilover modifications are needed. I opted for a 4-inch 11k swift spring and didn’t cut the apron and used my existing 17s, but will switch to 19s soon. Proper clearance and fitment requires the stock apron to be cut and liners to be removed.”


Daijiro Yoshihara’s white Rocket Bunny 2 kitted drift BRZ is the best example of the Rocket Bunny 2 kit, it showed up to SEMA in all white awaiting the results of a design contest put on by Falken and Forza Motorsports.


Images via Super Street.

Toyota GT86 CS-R3 – Toyota Builds a BRZ Rally Car


With Subaru’s racing and performance reputation built on rally championships, it seemed strange that the company would team up with Toyota to build a sports car for the street. The BRZ’s front engine, rear wheel drive configuration is incongruous with the dirt spitting image Subaru has cultivated, so the question loomed: when would a Subaru BRZ rally car show up? Surprisingly, Toyota beat Subaru to the punch with the first rally car built off of the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ platform.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH has announced a GT86 CS-R3 rally car that will be available through the customer motorsport program. To fit in with R3 specifications, the GT86 rally car will have a six speed sequential gearbox, a limited slip differential upgraded brakes and a more powerful engine.

Customers will be able to buy the Toyota GT86 CS-R3 rally car in 2015. The Toyota GT86 rally car will be eligible for all FIA sanctioned rallies including the world Rally Championship. Subaru has not announced a BRZ rally car, but even if it isn’t official, it doesn’t stretch the imagination to picture someone swapping a few body panels and competing with a Subaru BRZ rally car in the WRC.



Full GT86 CS-R3 Press Release:

11 November 2013

TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is proud to announce it will develop a GT86 R3 rally car as part of its customer motorsport programme.

The rear-wheel drive sports car will be converted to R3 specification and made available to private competitors, with delivery expected for the 2015 season.

The car, which will be known as the TMG GT86 CS-R3, will be built according to R3 regulations, meaning it will have a six-speed sequential gearbox, limited slip differential, modified engine, adapted brakes and other upgrades.

Drawing on the experience of developing the TMG GT86 CS-V3 race car for the Nürburgring-based VLN series, TMG engineers will modify the base car to the maximum level permitted within the regulations.

The TMG GT86 CS-R3 is targeted at private customers and is eligible for all FIA-sanctioned rallies, up to and including the World Rally Championship. Full specifications and pricing will be announced in the coming months.

Today’s announcement strengthens TMG’s commitment to customer motorsport and rallying, both of which represent key aspects of its long-term business strategy.

With a Yaris R1A already launched plus the ongoing development of a Global Race Engine, TMG is expanding and strengthening its knowledge of rallying and drawing on its proud history in the sport.

TMG’s very existence is founded on rally, having begun life in Cologne in 1979 as Toyota Team Europe (TTE). Under Ove Andersson, the company went on to win four drivers’ and three manufacturers’ World Championships.

Nico Ehlert, Principal Engineer Customer Motorsport: “Rallying is in our blood at TMG so it is very exciting to announce that we will be expanding our rally operations. The GT86 CS-R3 promises to be a thrilling car on the rally stages; with rear-wheel drive we can expect some dramatic action which is sure to be entertaining for drivers and fans alike. Through our experience with the TMG GT86 Cup and the TMG GT86 CS-V3 race car we have built a solid infrastructure for customer motorsport over the past few years. We will draw on this to deliver a reliable, safe and high-performance car, plus all the required technical support, for our customers. We expect demand to be high so we are looking forward to seeing a lot of GT86 CS-R3 rally cars in action from the beginning of the 2015 season.”

Racing by TMG: The customer racing arm of TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is identified by the “racing by TMG” logo, which encompasses race and rally projects designed exclusively for private participants. TMG returned to the world of customer motorsport in 2012 with the launch of the Yaris R1 entry-level rally car, while the same year saw the introduction of the TMG Customer Sport V3 (CS-V3) race car. That car won its class in the Nürburgring 24 Hours and forms the basis of the expanding TMG GT86 Cup, run within the Nürburgring-based VLN series.

Source: Toyota Motorsports Group.