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Dai Yoshiro’s 1,000 HP V8 Swapped Falken BRZ Drift Car


Dai Yoshiro is a D1 drifter who made a name for himself drifting an S13 Silvia. If the drifting world were Halo, the S13 would be the Battle Rifle, it’s the platform you usually start with and it works really well, but its ubiquity makes it a bit boring , so he has now switched to a Subaru BRZ. The Falken drift BRZ was chosen to replace the Silvia because of its style, popularity and size.


The BRZ beat out the 350z and Cadillac CTS-V as the drift car of choice for Yoshiro and his team. Yoshiro said the 350Z lost due to the BRZ’s popularity and marketability and the CTS-V was too long. This is a D1 drift car though, so unless you’re being paid by Scion to keep it, you’re probably going to need to drop the FA20 motor for something with a bit more power. Yoshiro went with a 7.0-liter Chevy LS7 engine swap with a Garrett GTX5008R turbo that makes 962-horsepower and 832 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm.


In addition to the V8 swap, the drift BRZ has a couple aesthetic improvements.  Yoshiro’s Falken BRZ drift car has a Rocket Bunny V2 body kit and KW coilovers sitting on Yoshihara Design Champion wheels.


Source: Super Street

A 700HP Turbo FR-S Will Be at FL2K14

If you’re unaware, FL2K14 is one of the major street racing (and legal drag racing) events of the year. Following the popularity of TX2K, it was decided that the world needs more than one massive congregation of insanely fast cars each year. So a whole bunch of super fast cars meet at Bradenton Motorsports park in October for full days of race events including a 60-130 roll racing event, 1/4 mile racing, burnout contests and more followed (allegedly) by more fun after dark on the highways. Four digit horsepower isn’t even special at the 2K events. So it seems like a place that the lowly Scion FR-S, with 200-hp and a focus on fun over brute strength, might not fit in too well. That is unless of course someone had a completely built turbo FR-S that put out about 700-horsepower.

The official FL2K14 Facebook page shared this picture and caption:


Justin is bringing is built and sleeved Scion FRS, running a Precision 6466 controlled by a MoTeC Engine management system is good for around 700hp and he is planning on racing anybody. (hashtags removed because they’re annoying)

With 700-hp and 2,700 lbs, he shouldn’t have much trouble running with the 2JZ cars. We’ll all be looking forward to videos of what the little 2.0 liter FR-S can do.

The owner offered a bit more information about the car and its tuning situation:

I was at TX2k14. I was on EcuTek and the car was turned down due to fuel issues. The software didn’t want to read pass 22psi and kept leaning out. That was the main reason I had to opt out of the roll racing. We turned it down so that I can enjoy the car. But this car will be there in October.

Yamano Tetsuya Wins All Japan Gymkhana On Crutches With Subaru BRZ


Yamano Tetsuya showed up to round 6 of the All Japan Gymkhana on crutches and left on the podium. OK he didn’t actually leave on the podium, that would be absurd, it would take a massive truck to carry the actual intact podium away and he would risk getting injured again, but the race driver did leave with a first place finish despite injuring himself in training for round four of the tournament and needing surgery that caused him to miss round 5.
Tetsuya races the 2014 Subaru BRZ in the PN3 class and despite his injury (torn ligaments in his clutch foot) leaving him unsure of his motor racing future, won the round at the Twin Ring Motegi Northern Short Course.
On top of the recent injury and surgery, the course was hit with rain and typhoons during the round, making Tetsuya’s job even harder.

Source: Torque News

Scion FR-S Rally Car Ready To Hit The Dusty Trail


Since the Subaru BRZ became Subaru’s most exciting car (cue the granola spit-take from the Outback fanclub) people have been wondering if we’d ever see a BRZ rally car. The BRZ Cross Sport was a tease at possible future plans for more subaru-y BRZs, but nothing has materialized. Now it looks like Scion will build an FR-S rally car before the Subaru BRZ rally car comes to life. The Toyota GT86 CS-R3 will actually make it onto rally stages this year.


Toyota is building a rally GT86 to serve as a recce car (a prerunner for rally races if you’re more familiar with Baja terminology or are better at figuring words out using context when they’re in English). The GT86 rally car will scout the course ahead of the actual race for the pace notes, but Toyota plans to use the scouting recce cars as a precursor to a WRC car.


The Scion FR-S rally car will have mild performance modifications to give it between 237 and 246-horsepower, as well as a rally sequential gearbox.






Source: The Truth About Cars

Scion Will Pay You To Race Your FR-S


Scion is paying owners to race the FR-S in several different closed course races. The program, which is only for Canadian FR-S owners right now, offers up to $800 payouts for winners and up to $350 for participants.

The Scion Racing Contingency will pay FR-S owners to participate in autocross, time attack and drift events and earn from $40 to$350 just for racing or between $100 and $800 for a win.

“The Scion Racing Contingency Program has only been in existence for two years, but we have already made a major contribution to grassroots motorsports in Canada,” said Cyril Dimitris, Director of Scion Canada. “We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2014 for this exceptional program. As part of its evolution, we’re pleased to announce changes to the payout ratio to better reward racers who demonstrate a higher level of participation.”

Most carmakers tout the performance of their cars breathlessly in advertisements and then when owners start using that performance, they quickly turn their back. The lawyers and bureaucrats in charge void warranties and make protective statements, ignoring the fact that sports cars are built to be raced. Scion isn’t most carmakers though and the company has announced that the Scion Racing Contingency will continue for all Scion owners, not just those who drive an FR-S.


Source: Auto Evolution.

Race Yourself in Gran Turismo – Scion FR-S Data Logger Lets You Relive Your Laps in Gran Turismo 6


How many times have you played Gran Turismo and imagined yourself really racing the famous tracks, wondering whether it was actually making you a better driver? Probably more than a few times. A Playstation and Gran Turismo is a lot cheaper than renting out a race track and possibly wrecking your car, so you can live out your fantasies of being the next Schumacher without going bankrupt.  A Playstation controller is very different from the driver’s seat of a car though, so ideally you’d want to get seat time in on the track, then study what you did right and wrong and slowly get more aggressive with your driving.


Toyota has announced a new data logger system available for the Toyota GT86 (the Japanese Scion FR-S) that will capture GPS information, throttle input, brake input, steering wheel positioning, gear shifts, engine speed and vehicle speed. The data logging is available all the time, but if the FR-S data logger is active at Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit or Suzuka Circuit, all that data can then be imported into Gran Turismo 6 and watched or raced against as a virtual opponent. The data logging system for the FR-S, officially called Toyota Sports Drive Logger, will cost about $880.


With the new Data logger system for the Scion FR-S, you can race a famous track like Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, or Suzuka Circuit, then go home and fine tune your race line by trial and error. Want to know if your FR-S could go around a corner 5 mph faster? Don’t worry about putting it into the tire wall when you find out the hard way it can’t, just run the same line a bit more aggressively on your Playstation a few times.




Source: Motor Authority.

Turbocharged Subaru BRZ vs Evo X Drag Race


The Subaru BRZ is the Arya Stark of the Subaru Family. Light and nimble, much smaller than her older brother Rob, she’s the great hope for the family. Arya’s in no shape to take on the Lannisters now, but once she goes and studies with the Jaqen in Braavos she’ll come back ready to bury some lions. The BRZ isn’t going to beat any Evos in stock form, but with some tuning, it’s ready to take on the family’s fight.

This turbo BRZ raced a few Evos at Raceway park in New Jersey and didn’t do too badly for itself. The first race is against a 12 second Evo X and the Subaru gets smoked, running a 14.38, but it has a 136 trap speed, compared to the Evo’s 126. Next the turbo BRZ races an older Evo and sees tail lights once again, but only by a half second – 13.6 to 13.1. OK so the BRZ didn’t win, but if you’ve watched Game of Thrones or read A Song Of Fire And Ice, you know that means my metaphor was a good one.

Built for Boost – 450hp FR-S Turbo

If you’re building an FR-S and want power, you need a turbo kit. Swapping out stock parts like the intake and exhaust will get your FR-S moving, but if you want to start blowing the doors off of Genesi Genesises Turbo Hyundais and new edge Mustangs, you have to go turbo.

TR3 performance claims that their bolt on stage 1 FR-S turbo kit makes 300-horsepower with a 60 trim turbo. The only major notification to the car is swapping the oil pan, but other than that the kit is bolt on. But while 300-horsepower is fun, 450-horsepower sounds like a lot more fun. When the owner brought back his FR-S turbo you see here, TR3 made it from a fun street car to an absolute monster.

This just proves that you don’t need an engine swap in your FR-S to make big power. The 2JZ swaps we’ve seen are impressive, but building the little 2.0-liter engine to insane power levels is even more remarkable.


1KHP Scion FR-S

It’s finally happened. Someone has cracked that magic number for the ultimate bragging rights on a Scion FR-S – 1,000 horsepower. Of course it was done with a Toyota Supra 2JZ engine swap, so that insane amount of horsepower isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. It would be nice for someone to figure out how to put down insane horsepower like this out of the FA20 turbo, but an engine swapped FR-S is still an FR-S and the car is awesome. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the 400-hp to 450-horsepower out of turbo FR-S builds for now.

The car was built by Ekanoo racing out of Bahrain, so it’s actually a Toyota FT-86. The 2JZ 1khp FR-S put down a 9.5 second 1/4 mile time before something broke. The Ekanoo racing crew has a lot of experience building drag Supras so expect even faster times coming soon.

Listen to that FR-S Turbo whistle! It’s absolutely vulgar.

A 500-HP FR-S Turbo Will Put Hair On Your Chest

A turbo Scion FR-S is great, and there are off the shelf turbo kits that give over 300 hp right now.
That’s cool.
There are built FR-S and BRZ turbo cars with over 400 hp.
That’s really cool.
But a turbo FR-S with over 500 wheel horsepower?
That’s freaking awesome.

This monster Scion FR-S resides in Antigua and was built using a GTX3076 turbo kit, a built motor, a Dynosty Haltech standalone fuel system, and tuning by Dynosty. On a dynojet dyno (that was outdoors in Antigua, no air conditioner feeding this FR-S cold air for a couple extra hp for bragging rights), the turbo FR-S put down 530 wheel horsepower and 439 ft lb of torque.