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Rocket Bunny FR-S/ BRZ Scale Model Kit Now Available


You love the Rocket Bunny widebody kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. You do. Don’t lie and say you don’t just because you can’t afford to build one. There’s no reason to hate out of jealousy. So since we both know how much you love the Rocket Bunny kit, we both know you’re going to want to build this model car version.

Built by Aoshima and now on sale sold by Speedhunters, the Rocket Bunny FR-S model is the perfect toy for tuners, it not only comes with a full Scion FR-S with the Rocket Bunny widebody kit, but also with a full arsenal of Greddy mods and Volk G25 wheels for the 1:24 size sports car.