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The Scion FR-S is Dead, Long Live the FR-S


Toyota is officially killing off the Scion brand. Toyota lost its cool when Scion didn’t sell well because their cars weren’t cool. Scion lost its cool when the xB toaster turned into a toaster oven big enough to heat up a pizza along with a side of fries and the tC was never really updated and the xA and xD weren’t much more than boring cheap cars, all in all, the brand got out-cooled by the Nissan Cube and Juke.


By the time the FR-S came along and had car-folk interested in the brand, everything else on the lot was boring. Now the brand will be scuttled and will rest in Davy Jones’ locker with Merkur, Saturn, Edsel, Daewoo, Hummer, and all the other brands that were born from a good idea by a big automaker and died ignominiously because that automaker either couldn’t stick to a plan or needed money elsewhere and couldn’t afford to invest them anymore.

Toyota tried to convince dealers to stick with Scion at the 2013 national dealer meeting by offering the FR-S Convertible, but that never happened. With nothing else exciting pushing sales (like maybe an FR-S Supra or even a turbo FR-S or 2.5-liter FR-S, or even more interesting options in the Release Series) it’s not surprising that the doors are shutting on Toyota’s “urban” “youth” “fun” brand.

The good news is that the FR-S will continue life as the Toyota 86, which means big T will get to save a few pennies by consolidating badges going on the car as it’s shipped around the world.

Optimism is contagious so let’s say this is a good thing because obviously the only thing stopping Toyota from releasing the new Supra was that it wouldn’t wear the Toyota badge if they sold it on the FR-S platform. Changing the FR-S into a Toyota 86 removes the last big hurdle and before long we’ll see a turbo Toyota running with the big dogs again.

Toyota Might Break Away From Subaru With Next Scion FR-S

Toyota might break away from Subaru with the next Scion FR-S, according to chief engineer for the FR-S Tetsuya Tada. Toyota has not made any official statements about whether the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ twins will remain identical for the next generations of the cars, but in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Tada implied that a continued relationship wasn’t set in stone.


At issue is whether Subaru’s main contribution to the FR-S BRZ twins, the 2.0-liter engine, will be used when the cars are redesigned.

“The boxer has benefit for low center of gravity, but (we will develop the) concept for the next generation car first and then we will look at best possible options to fit,” Tada said.

Toyota has a few options for the next generation FR-S. The 2.5-liter version of the FA20/ 4U-GSE engine that will debut in the 2015 FR-S and BRZ with 250-horsepower could continue on. Scion could be planning a cylinder Supra based on the FR-S, and has teased that idea with a Gazoo racing concept. Toyota is also getting back on the turbocharging wagon with a turbo four-cylinder that should debut on the Lexus NX compact SUV concept in November at the Tokyo motor show. We already know how potent a turbo FR-S can be, but developing an in house turbo four instead of working off the boxer engine would cut Subaru out of the engineering process altogether.