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Can You Drive The Scion FR-S In The Snow?


It’s been a while since there were many affordable rear-wheel drive sports cars for sale, so you can be forgiven for your misgivings when it comes to how the Scion FR-S does in the snow.

Snow driving an FR-S on a well packed, empty road is obviously a day pass to snow drifting fun, pretending you’re fighting for first place in a rally circuit.  That’s well and good, but what about doing the mid-snowstorm slalom around plows backing out of driveways without looking and stuck goofballs who left the 24s and summer tires on their Escalades with zero visibility?

Throw in a few performance upgrades that we all know every FR-S has like a new air intake or exhaust and the little car will be even more eager to break the rear end loose.

The Car Guide drove a Scion FR-S recently during a snowy Montreal winter and said that while there were some issues accelerating properly (partially attributed to worn out winter performance tires), the FR-S’ ability to drift effortlessly on snowy roads  made driving in the snow fun. The stability control made keeping the FR-S under control during snow driving the FR-S easy when it was on. The FR-S’ visceral feel was also praised even in icy conditions, and proves that a truly good sports car won’t get tiresome even when out of its element.



Image via Scion Life.

Watch an 800 Horsepower 2JZ Scion FR-S Drift the Oregon Trail

I can’t think of a better way to travel the Oregon Trail than with an 830-horsepower drift car.  You can keep your oxen and your fording rivers, the only part of that game that was any fun was the hunting anyway.  Ryan Tuerck took his Formula D Scion FR-S to the Maryhill Loops Road, aka the Oregon Trail hill climb track (don’t worry it’s closed to the public, so you won’t see an 800-horsepower Formula D car chase a minivan full of school children off the road), to do some drifting.


Tuerck raced up the mountain sideways alone, then tackled the track downhill in tandem with another drifter, Rob Primo.


Tuerck’s formula D Scion FR-S is powered by a stroked 2JZ-GTE engine, the venerable powerhouse from the Supra.  The 2JZ engine swap is popular, Scion is entering a factory backed 2JZ Scion FR-S into this year’s Formula D.


Here’s a gif of the run, courtesy of Jalopnik.

Scion Builds a 2JZ Supra Powered FR-S for Formula D 2014


A single turbo 2JZ is a thing of beauty, even more so when it’s in an FR-S.

The Toyota Supra’s 2JZ engine is legendary for its ability to make high horsepower reliably, so just about everyone in the car world had the same thought when Scion released the 200-horsepower FR-S: “When are they going to put a 2JZ engine in it?”


Scion hasn’t broken down and built a 2JZ powered FR-S Supra…yet. For the foreseeable future, FR-S enthusiasts looking for power will have to settle for the upcoming 2.5-liter FR-S or forced induction from a supercharger or turbo kit. Scion has, however, installed a 750-horsepower, 730 lb-ft of torque 2JZ engine in an FR-S for formula drift.


Ken Gushi will drive the 2JZ FR-S in the 2014 Formula D season. The Supra powered FR-S has the new Rocket Bunny 2 kit, 19 inch Rays wheels, Wilwood brakes, a G-Force GSR four speed transmission, and FIA racing seats. The drift 2JZ FR-S will weigh just 2,844 pounds.


Here’s hoping Toyota will see this as proof of concept and restart production of the 2JZ-GTE for an FR-S Supra. If not, we’ll just have to settle for rooting for the 2JZ FR-S in Formula D next year.

The 2JZ powered FR-S isn’t the first time someone has stuffed a Toyota six cylinder into an FR-S.  TOM’s racing built a 400-horsepower V6 FR-S show car.


Source: Top Gear.