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Scion “Went Down Swinging,” But FR-S Convertible Will Not Be Built

We’re going down, down in an earlier round and sugar we’re going down swinging

The FR-S convertible is dead. Scion fought for the car and despite Subaru’s veto, Toyota was planning to manufacture the car itself, but there was no market outside the United States that could anticipate sales high enough to justify production.

“So on the convertible we went down swinging,” Scion Senior Vice President Doug Murtha told WardsAuto. I think we were pretty aggressive on our (submitted plan), but we looked at what we would have conceivably lost on the product and said, ‘We’re not going to even push it further.Nobody was more disappointed than we were.”

Scion FR-S sales have been declining steeply, which is to be expected when a car has been around for a couple years, so Scion is looking for something to get buyers interested again. It won’t be a turbo model though, according to Murtha “that’s not something that’s coming.” That technically leave the possibility of a 2.5-liter FR-S though, so there’s still hope for more power For now, Scion is banking on the Release Series 1.0 reawakening the public’s love of the car, or maybe they’ll actually build the FR-S Targa

The car dealers that were shown the convertible FR-S as an incentive to keep their Scion branches open must feel awful, like they were dealing with a company that didn’t care about honesty at all and would say anything to keep them around longer, hoping that the more time they invested, the less likely they were to walk away. So now they know how it feels.

Speedhunters Builds Retro Race Car for SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge 2014


Speedhunters lived up to their name with the Scion Tuner Challenge build for SEMA 2014, building a track ready race car out of the FR-S. The Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S is a widebody racecar with a full roll cage, supercharger and more.

The Speedhunters FR-S has a Cosworth Stage 2.0 supercharger, Delicious Tuning ECU tune, an Airaid intake, Raceseng air conditioner delete, shaved engine bay and wiring harness, a CSF radiator, JDL header, and a 3” single exit exhaust.


For the exterior, the Speedhunters Scion Challenge FR-S got Speedhunters’ own KM4SH fender flares with shaved screw pockets for a cleaner look, Charvonia design fender vents and rear diffuser, custom front diffuser. For the race car look, the FR-S also got a side window glass delete, shaved door handles, shaved mirrors replaced with old school fender mounted mirrors. Seventeen inch Rotiform BLQ wheels keep up the retro theme.


Full RS*R Black-i coilovers, SuperPro front and rear sway bars, sway bar stiffening plates and SPC Performance rear lower control arms give the Speedhunters FR-S handling to match the engine performance. A Wilwood big brake kit with 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers and 12.88” rotors will stop the car like brick wall.


Since this is a SEMA car, the Speedhunters FR-S isn’t just a stripped out race car inside. The interior upgrades to the FR-S aren’t completely barebones: custom leather trim from JPM Coachworks, shaved seatbelt mounts and airbag test from Charvonia Design, custom door panels and dashboard, Takata harnesses (the import scene is going to have to come up with a new #basic harness to install in every car), a Cusco 4 point roll cage, custom low back seats, a race steering wheel, and vintage Indycar pedals and footrest.


Source: Scion

SEMA 2014 – Scion FR-S T1 Targa Isn’t A Convertible, But It’s Halfway There


Scion’s FR-S Targa SEMA 2014 car gives us new hope for multiple body styles in the FR-S. The FR-S Targa has removable center roof section (hence the name) rear window louvres that will hopefully make their way to the aftermarket and a widebody kit.

The FR-S T1 was built by Cartel Customs for Scion’s SEMA booth and sits on KW Coilovers and forged 19-inch wheels. The targa top isn’t the only custom bit on the FR-S T1, it also has a custom widebody kit with a center mounted exhaust. It’s not all show either, a Greddy turbo kit has been installed along with a Wilwood big brake kit.

Like Bon Jovi said, we’re halfway there, woah-oh living on a prayer. We still don’t have an FR-S convertible (besides the original concept car), but the Targa shows that Scion wants more than just a coupe out of the FR-S.

An FR-S Targa isn’t a convertible, you can’t just toss a surfboard in and go to the beach and your back seat passengers won’t get much of a tan, but it would make the FR-S a closer competitor to the Mazda MX-5 Miata.


















Source: Carscoops

Potential FR-S Supra Caught Testing At The Nurburgring


When a carmaker builds a new car, they put it through the paces at their own test track. When they build a sporty car, they take it to a racetrack. When they build a real sports car though, there is only one place to test it out: The Nurburgring.


Spy photographers caught this FR-S prototype testing at the Nurburgring with the full race car workup complete with what looks like a painted carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk, carbon fiber roof and a gigantic spoiler. This could be a test car for future TRD performance parts, or it could be a test car for the future FR-S Supra that Toyota will probably develop with a BMW-sourced engine.


The car is probably built by Gazoo racing, the Toyota Skunkworks department that built the custom FR-S with Supra tail lights, so whether it’s the FR-S Supra or a Turbo FR-S motor, it’s definitely got something exciting under the hood.


Of course, this is all a guessing game until Scion comes out and tell us what the mystery FR-S really is, so what do you think? Spotted any details about the car that everyone else missed? Let us know in the comments.





Source: inautonews.com

Meguiar’s NuR Concept Car Shows What a High End FR-S/ BRZ Would Really Look Like


Ever wondered what a Lexus FR-S would look like? Sure, Toyota has released a concept high end FR-S, complete with a more upscale interior and a unique look, but then they said it was for girls, so you can’t buy it even if it ever does go on sale. What would your friends say? Plus all that body work would just add to the price without adding to the stat sheet, so even though it looks great, it’s not all that marketable.


More along the lines of reality is the Meguiar’s NuR concept car, which has a slew of upgrades to the FR-S body, drivetrain and interior that all tick boxes on the compare vs competition page Lexus would of course carefully align to the FR-S’s strengths (maybe move horsepower towards the bottom of the page).


The Meguiar’s NuR FR-S concept car was the brain child of Meguiar’s Associate Director RJ de Vera. He told D Sport “When I first saw the FR-S concept, I was sold. The bodylines were elegant and emulated some of Europe’s exotic car styles. I got in touch with Scion and shortly after its release, we had an FR-S press car in our possession.”


It was the exotic European style that inspired the Meguiar’s NuR concept’s high end twist on the pure sports car.


“Our goal was to produce a baby Euro exotic using the capable Scion FR-S as the foundation. Every part and upgrade was carefully chosen to ensure that the overall feel of the car was clean and elegant yet striking and bold in personality. It was quite important to us that the car had a fit and finish that one could imagine coming from an OEM bespoke division. We code-named this venture ‘NuR Concept’, a hint at the European influence you can expect to see in the build.” Shoreline Motoring in Huntington Beach, California did the work to make de Vera’s vision a reality.

The Meguiar’s NuR concept Scion FR-S has a Chargespeed carbon fiber front lip, side skirts and rear spats, contrasting the Fly Yellow paint. The gunmetal racing stripe and black logos match well with the carbon fiber body kit.


The Scion FR-S Meguiar’s NuR also has a Vortech supercharger kit, as well as a performance air intake and exhaust backing up all those sporty looks.

The wheels of the Meguiar’s FR-S are the coolest upgrade. Instead of just throwing some aftermarket wheels on, the NuR FR-S has a Forgeline center lock conversion adapted from a Porsche 911 GT3 and specifically designed GA1-R wheels. Not content to let it sit at just the visible upgrades, the NuR also has Pirelli Corse system tires with specific tread patterns front and rear for maximum traction and handling. KW Variant 3 coilovers handle the FR-S’ stance and Brembo brakes with floating discs in the rear handle the stopping.


The NuR FR-S interior is subtly upgraded. At first it looks stock, but then on a second glance it becomes clear that grey Alcantara leather with yellow stitching is almost everywhere, a simulation of the leather option you’d find on a Porsche or Aston Martin. A Kenwood head unit and Phoenix Gold speakers with a custom enclosed subwoofer provide music.




Images via D Sport.

FR-S Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum Goes Drifting, Looks a lot like an FR-S Supra


The Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum is a perfect example of what a tuner would do with the Scion FR-S if they had the money of an OEM. That’s because Gazoo Racing is a tuner with the money of an OEM. As Toyota’s internal skunkworks, Gazoo has the advantage of not only the largest automaker in the world’s money, but also the talent behind it. So when they build a show car out of a Scion FR-S, it isn’t just a show car. To prove that, Gazoo took the GRMN Sports FR Platinum drifting, and the there’s definitely some steak behind that sizzle.

When Gazoo first released teaser shots of the FR-S GRMN we said it looked like there were hints that an FR-S Supra would be built. Watching the video, the little Supra details seem even more obvious. The tail lights and headlights are obvious throwbacks to the fourth generation Supra. The Gazoo GRMN also has small triangular hood vents that look an awful lot like the TRD Supra hood. The way the car moves, it’s obvious it has some engine performance upgrades, and probably more than just an intake and exhaust, though whether it’s a six-cylinder engine swap remains to be seen.

If you’re the type to look for hints of future cars in concept vehicles, and you should be, then the Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum definitely points to a FR-S Supra.

Toyota Designs a Stylish, Upscale GT86

… And then insults everyone by calling it a GT86 for women.

Toyota GT86 xstyle cb concept for women


Toyota built a stylish, high end GT86 concept car with custom bodywork for last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon called the Toyota 86 xstyle Cb and then submarined the promising concept by saying it was a GT86 for women.

Toyota GT86 xstylecb concept

That’s not totally fair. Toyota’s actual words, translated, were “Fashion woman customization perspective that emphasizes the color and texture, was choreographed in urban quality.” So maybe it’s just for urban women.

More than a decade into the 21st century we think it might be time for Toyota to get on the same page as the rest of the world and acknowledge that there are both women who love the visceral thrills of a true sports cars and men who don’t treat every morning’s commute as a reason to cosplay Dominic Toretto and prefer a more mature, refined automobile with leather and wood and an attractive exterior.


If they had called this a Lexus SC200 concept with bespoke coachwork by an Italian design firm, Alcantara leather interior with real hard wood accents and just let the design stand on its own, this would be a design we could get behind.

Instead it looks an awful lot like Toyota told the GT86 team that they had to build a sports car for adults and the team said ‘that sounds too girly.’


Source: Autoguide