Subaru Cross Sport is a Rally Ready BRZ Hatchback

Subaru has revealed it’s latest wild custom concept based on the BRZ. The Subaru BRZ Cross Sport shooting brake is a hatchback version of the BRZ coupe. Along with the hatchback that adds more room to the BRZ’s small interior, the Cross Sport has a higher ride height(either from a suspension lift or larger tires, Subaru hasn’t said) and beefy fender flares that look ready to absorb any debris that might result from a spirited drive off the beaten path.

The Subaru BRZ Cross Sport’s might be the perfect BRZ rally car. The BRX hatch’s higher ride height would provide more ground clearance for rough roads. That higher ride height would also give the BRZ hatchback more room for essential rally gear like skid plates and chassis reinforcements. The one thing the BRZ has always lacked that set it apart from the rest of the Subaru family is all-wheel drive. The BRZ cross sport hatchback could have enough room for Subaru to finally build an AWD BRZ.

It’s not just the extra ride height and the possibility of all-wheel drive that makes the Cross Sport a perfect BRZ rally car. Some rally drivers prefer the hatchback models of the WRX over the sedan ones because the extra weight of the hatchback bodystyle is all over the rear wheels, giving the cars better balance. The Subaru BRZ hatchback could have an even better weight distribution than the 54/46 the BRZ coupe has.



Source: Auto Evolution

4 thoughts on “Subaru Cross Sport is a Rally Ready BRZ Hatchback

  1. I WANT ONE!!! – – – I hate what Scion did to the tC – and I was hoping for a FRS Hatchback – the FRS and BRZ are just to small —- SPORTY HATCHBACKS RULE! – – – Loved my 1978 280 Z too!!! – – – Please make this car – sooner the better – Thank you!

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