Subaru BRZ STI tS

Subaru doesn’t have an official BRZ STI for sale anywhere, but in Japan there is a BRZ tS built by STI that has performance upgrades over the standard BRZ. The BRZ STI tS doesn’t have any engine upgrades, so even in Japan they have to wait for the 250-horsepower 2.5-liter BRZ to get more power.

The Subaru BRZ STI tS has Brembo ventilated disc brakes, (four piston front, two piston rear) a large diameter driveshaft, , an upgraded suspension with redesigned springs, struts and other components, retuned stability control, an upgraded exhaust, a new front lip spoiler, 18-inch wheels and an Alcantara and leather interior with STI logos. The BRZ STI tS GT adds an adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, Recaro seats and black painted wheels.

The Subaru BRZ STI tS costs 3,664,500 Yen, about $37,300 U.S. That kind of expense would be a tough sell in the U.S. with no engine upgrades, especially considering that the BRZ starts at 2,058,000 Yen ($21,000) there. A $40,000 BRZ without a quicker 0-60 time or higher top speed would never make it in the United States, but the performance upgrades on the BRZ STI tS might make it onto the upcoming 2.5-liter BRZ or the official BRZ STI when that finally goes on sale. Subaru will make 250 BRZ STI tS models and 250 Subaru BRZ STI tS Gts.



Images via Subaru Japan.

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