Scion FR-S Convertible On Sale By End Of 2014


The Scion FR-S Convertible has had a tumultuous incubation. Toyota developed the concept FR-S convertible for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and showed it off to U.S. Toyota dealers that year as an incentive to keep those dealers from dropping the Scion brand altogether. Subaru vetoed the idea of an FR-S and BRZ Convertible, saying that the extra weight of the removable top would compromise the BRZ’s sporty feel. Since then, Toyota has publicly pondered going ahead with the FR-S Convertible alone, and now it looks like the drop top FR-S will finally see the light of day.

Motor Trend claims that the Scion FR-S Convertible will hit showroom floors in October 2014, only six months from now. The FR-S Convertible’s price will be between $35,000 and $38,000, about $10,000 more than the FR-S starts at. The FR-S Convertible’s weight will go up by about 60-lbs thanks to the power top, which will be enough to necessitate minor suspension upgrades. That power top should fold down in less than 20 seconds.

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