HKS Supercharged FR-S vs TRD FR-S


A supercharger kit might be the first thing you dream about when you buy an FR-S, but with the entire world of tuning out there for you to choose from, is it the right choice for you? Would you rather build a slower but better handling car with suspension mods, bigger brakes and better wheels and tires? How about if Toyota would build it for you and throw in a body kit and cat back exhaust to sweeten the pot? That’s the question Car Throttle set about to answer with their comparison between the FR-S TRD package (in the U.K.) and an FR-S that had been built with an HKS Supercharger kit.


The TRD FR-S ditches the Prius spec tires that let it slide like Tara Lipinski and also allowed a 30-mpg highway rating. It also has bigger diameter wheels, more powerful brakes, a body kit for a snazzier look and a cat back exhaust for a little extra horsepower and a lot better sound.

The HKS supercharged FR-S has a starting price right around the same as the TRD FR-S, and while it doesn’t come with the nicer wheels, beefier tires, better brakes, meaner exhaust or prettier bodykit, it does come with a supercharger. The HKS supercharger here was tuned to 278-horsepower and 215-lb-ft of torque, which is good for a claimed 0-62 mph time of 5.5 seconds, down from 7.4. Top speed on the HKS superchaged FR-S is 150 mph, an increase of 10 over the stock car. The car tested also had a better suspension and better tires outfitted, so there’s no real 1-for-1 comparison of which gives a better driving experience for your money, but the the story seems to be pretty clear that the supercharger is the hero.

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