Drift Aesthetic – Work Wheels and Unpainted Bumpers on an FR-S


The Scion FR-S is called the Toyota 86 in Japan. In addition to a Toyota badge, Japanese buyers get the option of an RC model, which is a stripped down base model with unpainted bumpers, no automatic transmission option and no air conditioning. Basically a Scion FR-S ready to race or get thrown sideways through turns. This 86 started as an RC model, then was thrown through the ringer and built into a full show car that keeps the barebones drift aesthetic alive.


Those unpainted bumpers that look ready to slap a wall sideways at 100 miles an hour are by Todoroki, as are the coilovers and other suspension components.


This isn’t just a barebones drifter though, this FR-S has 18-inch Work Meister wheels that are 10 inches wide in front and 10.5 in the rear. Takata Harnesses, Project Mu and Brembo brakes and Bride seats mean that no expense was spared making this FR-S look like it’s ready to be crashed and rebuilt and crashed again all in one weekend.


Finishing the Mad Max-esque drift look is the air intake jutting through the front bumper.

Stance Nation has a full write up of all the FR-S’ mods and many more pictures.

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