Can You Drive The Scion FR-S In The Snow?


It’s been a while since there were many affordable rear-wheel drive sports cars for sale, so you can be forgiven for your misgivings when it comes to how the Scion FR-S does in the snow.

Snow driving an FR-S on a well packed, empty road is obviously a day pass to snow drifting fun, pretending you’re fighting for first place in a rally circuit. ┬áThat’s well and good, but what about doing the mid-snowstorm slalom around plows backing out of driveways without looking and stuck goofballs who left the 24s and summer tires on their Escalades with zero visibility?

Throw in a few performance upgrades that we all know every FR-S has like a new air intake or exhaust and the little car will be even more eager to break the rear end loose.

The Car Guide drove a Scion FR-S recently during a snowy Montreal winter and said that while there were some issues accelerating properly (partially attributed to worn out winter performance tires), the FR-S’ ability to drift effortlessly on snowy roads ┬ámade driving in the snow fun. The stability control made keeping the FR-S under control during snow driving the FR-S easy when it was on. The FR-S’ visceral feel was also praised even in icy conditions, and proves that a truly good sports car won’t get tiresome even when out of its element.



Image via Scion Life.

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