BMW Might Build The Next Supra Engine


Toyota and BMW have announced a partnership to build a joint platform for a sports car. Details of the Toyota and BMW sports cars haven’t been released, but the last time Toyota teamed up with another automaker for a sports car, we got the FR-S and BRZ, so the results should be extraordinary.

Toyota hasn’t built a sport car on its own in a few years, so when it came time to build a front engine rear wheel drive sports car, they turned to a partner with more experience in exciting cars and came up with the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. So it’s no surprise that Toyota would turn to another carmaker with a history of sports cars to work on a larger sports car.

“We have agreed on a joint architecture for a sports car. What is important is that there will be two different vehicles that are authentic to the two brands,” BMW development chief Herbert Diess told German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, according to Reuters.

It’s not hard to imagine that Toyota would call their new sports car the Supra, especially given BMW’s penchant for turbocharged inline six engines. We’ve speculated that Toyota might build the Supra on the FR-S platform like the original Supra was built on the Celica platform, and the Gazoo racing GRMN concept for the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon seemed to hint that an FR-S Supra was on the way, but a new platform might handle the high horsepower of a Supra better. Gazoo just released another video with more details of the concept car reinforcing the idea that the next Supra might be based on the FR-S.



Image via Autoguide.

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