Australia Gets Retro FR-S Special Edition


Australians get all the good stuff. Kangaroos, The Great Barrier Reef, video games that are somehow special enough to warrant a 300% price hike, Steve Irwin, Turbo Nissans/ Holdens/ Fords, and now a retro special edition Scion FR-S.


The limited edition BRZ, imaginatively named the 2015 Subaru BRZ Special Edition, will come with unique racing stripes, unique 17-inch wheels (remember when those were considered big? it was a simpler time), a black lip kit, an STI push button starter, a short shift kit, and a unique shift knob. Subaru Australia claims the 2015 BRZ Special Edition adds $9,000 worth of upgrades for a $3,500 premium. Only 125 of the BRZ Special Editions will be sold in Australia, so if you’re interested move quick.


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