400+ Horsepower LS2 V8 Swapped BRZ06 Update With Video

The BRZ06 from Weapons Grade Performance combines two things every car lover loves – light cars and huge power. With a 400 horsepower 6.0-liter Chevy LS2 V8 engine swapped into the lightweight BRZ, the car is exactly the car Chevy should have built. With 400+ horsepower and only 60-lbs more weight than the stock 2.0-liter BRZ, it’s not a hard argument to make that this is the car Subaru should have made too.

We first showed you the BRZ06 last year and at the time it was running well, but the power steering and tachometer weren’t working. I just heard from Doug at Weapons Grade Performance that they have those last two items fully functional in the BRZ06 now.

At $13,000 installed ($8k for the full swap kit and $5k for installation), you can have a light weight V8 monster for about the same price as a well equipped Mustang or Camaro, with the added bonus of having a unique sports car that will turn heads and attract crowds everywhere you go.

8 thoughts on “400+ Horsepower LS2 V8 Swapped BRZ06 Update With Video

  1. Hi Guys,

    Only 13K ? Do I get any credit for my dinky 2014- 2.0 litre with 5k miles ? What about the tranny ?? I have the 6 speed. Only plus 60 lbs. for the LS-2, yikes !

    I am located in Sacramento CA, 95661

    Anybody do the swap for me here ?

    Your swap definately has the charisma and probably super go power !


  2. So does everything in the car work properly, like heated seats, head unit, climate control, ect.? I’m interested in doing this swap and I want to make sure all the features of the car will work properly.


  3. Yes all of the interior features in the car work, typically the 13k price includes selling us your FA20 driveline and us purchasing an LS1 on your behalf… if you want more horsepower the $$$ goes up 🙂

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