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Is This The Perfect FR-S?

I can’t tell what it is about this Scion FR-S that makes it so appealing, but I can’t deny that I absolutely love it.


With a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, KW coilovers, a Vortech supercharger, Nitto race tires and green accents that might have come from the PAAS color pallette, it’s definitely an impressive build, but it’s also nothing that hasn’t been seen before. Maybe it’s the way the wheels and tires perfectly fill the wheel wells without going overboard like so many “stanced” cars.

Maybe it’s just the really good paint job. My girlfriend once admitted to me that the only thing she finds appealing in a car is the shininess of the paint job, and since then I’ve noticed myself falling into the same trap. So a word to the wise: if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd of custom FR-Ss and BRZs, spend a little extra and get a good shiny paint job.


Source: Stancenation

West Coast Customs Scion FR-S is Surprisingly Tasteful

West Coast Customs is probably the most famous custom car shop in the world. Ryan Friedlinghaus and West Coast Customs brought car customization to the public eye with the absurd builds the shop did for Pimp My Ride, so when I tell you he built a Scion FR-S for his son Ryan Jr., you’re probably cringing in anticipation.

Don’t worry, there are no ridiculous TVs in the wheels or “Hey son I know you played Twisted Metal last week so I built your car to look just like Sweet Tooth’s, complete with giant clown head on top.”


Instead Ryan Jr. got a really classy white FR-S with gold accents in the fog lights, emblems, wheels and even exhaust tips (I’ve never seen gold exhaust tips before, so I’ll have to assume they are custom rather than an off the shelf cat back exhaust.  It would be interesting to see how they hold up to a few thousand miles of driving).


The West Coast Customs Scion FR-S custom interior is surprisingly untevelisioned got black suede seats with a golden waffle stitching pattern, black and gold plaid on the doors, and gold stitching setting off the black steering wheel and shift boot.


Since the only company mentioned on the car is Tein, we have to assume that the perfect stance with no wheel gap comes from a set of Tein coilovers.


Hold on a sec, what’s that in the background of one of the build pictures West Coast Customs put on Facebook?  That’s a Bronco II isn’t it?


Not sure if I’m more interested to learn what West Coast Customs is doing to the Bronco II or who is willing to pay West Coast Customs to customize a Bronco II.

Subaru Announces Sharkfin Antenna for 2015


Subaru has announced some changes to the 2015 BRZ. Most obvious will be the addition of a painted shark fin antenna replacing the black nub.

Mechanically, the BRZ will get tweaks to the front suspension, new rear shock absorbers, and steering adjustments to improve handling and driveability (no performance upgrades yet, I guess it will be 2016 when the BRZ Turbo finally makes it to production). Carbon fiber dashboard accents and a new key fob round out the 2015 BRZ’s upgrades. The changes, which have been confirmed for the Japanese spec 2015 BRZ, should find their way onto U.S. cars either this year or next.

Since their chums (get it?) at Toyota are adding a shark fin antenna to the Scion FR-S and Toyota FT86, Subaru is following suit. Unlike luxury cars where the antenna pods just look tacked on, the shark fin antenna actually looks good on a sports car, kind of like the roof accoutrements the WRX STI and Mitsubishi Evo have that supposedly do something magical to the air flowing over the car and add a million horsepower.


2015-subaru-brz-jdm-wrb 2015-subaru-brz-interior-jdm jdm-2015-subaru-brz-interior-carbon-fiber 2015-subaru-brz-wrb 2015-subaru-brz-jdm-keyfob



Source: Carscoops.

A 400-Horsepower Chevy V8 FR-S – SCION FRLS2

Corvette horsepower and FR-S handling? A match made in heaven.

Pure Automotive Performance is building an LS2 V8-powered Scion FR-S. The FR-S’ 200-horsepower flat four engine was ripped out and replaced with a 6.0-liter LS2 Chevy V8 from a Corvette. The LS2 FR-S doesn’t just get a light weight body swapped onto it, it also has a Comp LS-R cam, ARP studs, Comp Trunnions, Comp push rods, Comp timing set, dual springs and titanium retainers. The setup should be good for over 400-wheel horsepower naturally aspirated.


Chevy LS motor in a FR-S isn’t a new idea. We’ve seen the LS2 powered BRZ06 (another punny build name!), an individual throttle body LS-series V8 in an FR-S and a Japanese V8 FT 86 Swap before. That’s OK though, gearheads have been putting big American V8s into small imported sports cars since the first small imported sports cars made it to southern California so of course the FR-S and BRZ are getting the same V8 Swap treatment from modern tuners.

Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Coming In August




The first of the Scion FR-S Release Series special edition cars will hit dealer lots in August. The Scion FR-S Release 1.0 will be easy to spot with bright yellow Kuzu paint and a full compliment of TRD performance parts.



The FR-S Release Series 1.0 will get a full TRD body kit with front lip, side skirts, rear valence and a three piece spoiler. While the FR-S Release Series body modifications are all available off the shelf, the Kuzu paint will be unique.

The exterior will be topped off with HID headlights and LED daytime running lights (The Release Series and the Monogram Series are the only FR-S models with LED daytime runners).

The FR-S Release Series 1.0 won’t just a pretty face. TRD lowering springs will give it cornering a step above the standard FR-S’ already impressive handling. A TRD catback exhaust with quad tips will give the FR-S Release Series 1.0 an aggressive growl along with 10 horsepower.

A thicker leather TRD steering wheel adds extra grip for your left hand while a leather TRD shift knob fits perfectly in the right. New GT 86 TRD branded shifter plate, push button start, dual zone A/C, numbered FR-S Release Series 1.0 badge, GT 86 seats with FR-S patterned inserts and TRD cargo mats all make the FR-S Release Series 1.0 interior unique.