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Race Yourself in Gran Turismo – Scion FR-S Data Logger Lets You Relive Your Laps in Gran Turismo 6


How many times have you played Gran Turismo and imagined yourself really racing the famous tracks, wondering whether it was actually making you a better driver? Probably more than a few times. A Playstation and Gran Turismo is a lot cheaper than renting out a race track and possibly wrecking your car, so you can live out your fantasies of being the next Schumacher without going bankrupt.  A Playstation controller is very different from the driver’s seat of a car though, so ideally you’d want to get seat time in on the track, then study what you did right and wrong and slowly get more aggressive with your driving.


Toyota has announced a new data logger system available for the Toyota GT86 (the Japanese Scion FR-S) that will capture GPS information, throttle input, brake input, steering wheel positioning, gear shifts, engine speed and vehicle speed. The data logging is available all the time, but if the FR-S data logger is active at Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit or Suzuka Circuit, all that data can then be imported into Gran Turismo 6 and watched or raced against as a virtual opponent. The data logging system for the FR-S, officially called Toyota Sports Drive Logger, will cost about $880.


With the new Data logger system for the Scion FR-S, you can race a famous track like Fuji Speedway, Tsukuba Circuit, or Suzuka Circuit, then go home and fine tune your race line by trial and error. Want to know if your FR-S could go around a corner 5 mph faster? Don’t worry about putting it into the tire wall when you find out the hard way it can’t, just run the same line a bit more aggressively on your Playstation a few times.




Source: Motor Authority.

Rocket Bunny FR-S Wallpapers – Stanced on BR Coilovers and Work Wheels

This super clean FR-S was shot by Canibeat at the Macon Madness car show.  This Georgian FR-S looks just peachy (yuck yuck yuck I’ll be here all week folks) rocking the always beautiful Rocket Bunny widebody kit.


The perfect stance on the Rocket Bunny FR-S comes from a set of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers.


Those gorgeous, classic looking wheels are 18 inch Work VS XX wheels 12 inches wide in the rear and 10.5 up front.




Check out Canibeat‘s photoshoot of the Rocket Bunny FR-S for high res wallpapers of all these pics and more.