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Turbocharged Subaru BRZ vs Evo X Drag Race


The Subaru BRZ is the Arya Stark of the Subaru Family. Light and nimble, much smaller than her older brother Rob, she’s the great hope for the family. Arya’s in no shape to take on the Lannisters now, but once she goes and studies with the Jaqen in Braavos she’ll come back ready to bury some lions. The BRZ isn’t going to beat any Evos in stock form, but with some tuning, it’s ready to take on the family’s fight.

This turbo BRZ raced a few Evos at Raceway park in New Jersey and didn’t do too badly for itself. The first race is against a 12 second Evo X and the Subaru gets smoked, running a 14.38, but it has a 136 trap speed, compared to the Evo’s 126. Next the turbo BRZ races an older Evo and sees tail lights once again, but only by a half second – 13.6 to 13.1. OK so the BRZ didn’t win, but if you’ve watched Game of Thrones or read A Song Of Fire And Ice, you know that means my metaphor was a good one.

Amazing Videos Of An LS1 FR-S With Velocity Stacks Running

Warning: watching these videos of an LS1 FR-S with velocity stacks running may be not work safe: nobody in the office will get any work done for the rest of the day because you’ll have them on loop.

We’ve seen Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ engine swaps before, and V8 swaps, and even a Chevy LS2 powered BRZ, but this is the first video of a V8 FR-S to surface.

The Scion FR-S LS1 engine swap resides in Japan, but the motor was sourced from a C5 Corvette, according to Midnight Roulette. With individual throttle bodies, the engine should be much more powerful than the 350-hp the LS1 had in the stock Corvette. Individual throttle bodies, or velocity stacks, are the ultimate air intake upgrade and increase throttle response as well as horsepower, so when the throttle is cracked on this V8 FR-S, it cracks like a whip.


The Chevy V8 FR-S also has a custom widebody kit that was developed with TRA-Kyoto, the company that builds the Rocket Bunny widebody kits for the FR-S and BRZ.  This widebody kit has a much more clean look than the racecar-style Rocket Bunny kit. Brand new Work Emotion D9R wheels finish the car’s gorgeous body.

dream-project-frs-v8-engine-swap dream-project-scion-frs-widebody dream-project-frs-ls1-engine-swap dream-project-scion-frs-engine-swap dream-project-scion-frs-ls1-velocity-stacks dream-project-frs-ls1-velocity-stacks dream-project-ls1-frs dream-project-ls1-frs-engine-swap dream-project-frs-v8

Images via Midnight Roulette.

Built for Boost – 450hp FR-S Turbo

If you’re building an FR-S and want power, you need a turbo kit. Swapping out stock parts like the intake and exhaust will get your FR-S moving, but if you want to start blowing the doors off of Genesi Genesises Turbo Hyundais and new edge Mustangs, you have to go turbo.

TR3 performance claims that their bolt on stage 1 FR-S turbo kit makes 300-horsepower with a 60 trim turbo. The only major notification to the car is swapping the oil pan, but other than that the kit is bolt on. But while 300-horsepower is fun, 450-horsepower sounds like a lot more fun. When the owner brought back his FR-S turbo you see here, TR3 made it from a fun street car to an absolute monster.

This just proves that you don’t need an engine swap in your FR-S to make big power. The 2JZ swaps we’ve seen are impressive, but building the little 2.0-liter engine to insane power levels is even more remarkable.


Drift Aesthetic – Work Wheels and Unpainted Bumpers on an FR-S


The Scion FR-S is called the Toyota 86 in Japan. In addition to a Toyota badge, Japanese buyers get the option of an RC model, which is a stripped down base model with unpainted bumpers, no automatic transmission option and no air conditioning. Basically a Scion FR-S ready to race or get thrown sideways through turns. This 86 started as an RC model, then was thrown through the ringer and built into a full show car that keeps the barebones drift aesthetic alive.


Those unpainted bumpers that look ready to slap a wall sideways at 100 miles an hour are by Todoroki, as are the coilovers and other suspension components.


This isn’t just a barebones drifter though, this FR-S has 18-inch Work Meister wheels that are 10 inches wide in front and 10.5 in the rear. Takata Harnesses, Project Mu and Brembo brakes and Bride seats mean that no expense was spared making this FR-S look like it’s ready to be crashed and rebuilt and crashed again all in one weekend.


Finishing the Mad Max-esque drift look is the air intake jutting through the front bumper.

Stance Nation has a full write up of all the FR-S’ mods and many more pictures.

A Few Scion FR-S Wallpapers to Remind You How Gorgeous This Car Is

Just in case you forgot in the face of all those high horsepower FR-S and BRZ builds, these cars are absolutely gorgeous. Not just built for drifting, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are also the only cars under 30 grand suitable for handing to a valet.


This one, photographed by Louis Yo of Drifted, is a perfect shade of black to match her little dress.




Visit Drifted for the high resolution wallpapers of these beautiful shots.

Toyota Europe Head Says No To More Powerful FR-S


The Scion FR-S needs more power. It’s been said a thousand times before and enthusiasts all over the globe start shopping for everything from a new air filter to a turbo kit as soon as they buy their FR-S, but Toyota has been insistent that the sports car remain pure and untouched by the devil of horsepower.

Toyota Europe VP Karl Schlicht spoke to Top Gear about the change in philosophy at Toyota spearheaded by the FR-S and the new FT-1 concept car. Schlicht says that Toyota will become an exciting car company again and will stop simply chasing sales volume. Toyota Boss Akio Toyoda “believes Toyotas should be drivers’ cars”.

But when asked about the prospect of a more powerful FR-S, like the 2.5-liter FR-S, a turbocharged FR-S or an FR-S Supra, Schlicht said “We want to keep that car pure,” he said. “You put a turbo on it, give it bigger tires, and you start turning it into a different category of car…”

The FR-S; competition is stiff, there are a lot of sporty cars in the $25,000 range that offer more horsepower or more practicality or a convertible. The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ compete with the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Hyundai Genesis, Honda Civic Si, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, VW GTI, Dodge Challenger, Ford Focus ST and Fiat 500 Abarth. To name a few. So should Toyota really insist that enthusiasts love “fun to drive” more than speed? The FR-S might be at the front of that pack for fun, but it might not be when you start charting lap times.