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A Lexus FR-S? Aimgain Builds Scion FR-S Lexus Conversion Kit


There’s an odd occurrence in the aftermarket world where sports cars get turned into luxury cars and luxury cars get stripped down into racers. There have been a few high end, luxurious FR-S builds. Toyota’s skunkworks team built the Toyota 86 xstyle Cb and the Meguiar’s NuR showed off what a luxury FR-S might look like. But what everyone wants to see, second of course to an FR-S Supra, is a Lexus FR-S.


Aimgain’s full Scion FR-S LF-Sport body kit is also effectively a conversion to a Lexus FR-S. In addition to new front and rear bumpers, a side lip kit, widened fenders, roof and trunk spoilers, and LED running lights, the Aimgain FR-S kit gets a Lexus front grill.


The Aimgain Lexus FR-S is called the LF-Sport, which is definitely a plausible name for a Lexus FR-S. It would be nice to see Lexus built a small sports car off of the FR-S, maybe with an engine swap for the 3.5-liter V6 from the IS-350 like the Tom’s Racing N086V.




Images via Kyoei-USA.

Toyota Exec Says Disappointing FR-S Sales May Kill Plans for New Models


The Scion FR-S and Toyota FT-86 have lagged behind sales predictions and new models could be in jeopardy. The Scion FR-S was an ambitious move on Toyota’s part, giving the company its first sports car since the Supra was discontinued, but now sales are slipping and the company says new models like the 2.5 liter FR-SFR-S convertible, and 4-door Scion FR-S Sedan may be in danger.

Auto Express spoke to Toyota Vice President for European R&D Gerald Killmann who said that the FR-S’ sales are too slow for the company to justify new models.

“A faster version of that car would be at the top of most people’s wish lists, but like the cabriolet, it is hard to justify a business case to push either model into production based on the current sales,” Killmann said.

What Toyota needs to realize is that with the FR-S, they aren’t selling a Corolla that people will buy year after year no matter what. They have a sports car that is both a novelty and a status symbol. When the novelty of a sport car wears off and its power as a status symbol is diluted by identical models available used, it needs to refreshed and upgraded. Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Jaguar all sell the same sports cars for several years but all understand that after the initial release, buyers need a new incentive to buy a new car. Special editions like the FR-S Monogram, convertibles and more powerful models all renew the market’s interest in sports cars once the initial desire wears down.

So will Toyota follow the lead of the companies that have made their careers selling sports cars and make the next few years of the FR-S exciting with more options and models? Or will the most boring car company in the world cut and run on its sports car experiment and go back to churning out beige Camrys for the buffet crowd?

Toyota Registers Supra Trademark, FR-S Supra On The Way?


Toyota has officially filed trademark papers for the Supra name. This is some of the most concrete evidence we’ve seen that Toyota does pan to build a more powerful sports car. The Supra may be built on a unique platform if Toyota decides to make it a high end sports car to compete with the Nissan GT-R and Dodge Viper, or the company could go back to its roots and built an FR-S Supra on the chassis of an existing sports car.

We already know that Toyota is loathe to build a sports car with an uncertain future. Toyota was hedging its bets on the FR-S when it got into bed with Subaru on the project. Toyota is already working on a deal with BMW for an engine for a new sports car, so that BMW engine replacing the Subaru Boxer in the FR-S to make the Supra seems the most likely outcome.

Toyota has also talked about a four door Scion FR-S with all-wheel drive and a turbocharger. That would make for a fitting replacement for the later generations of the Supra. The legendary 2JZ engine, which makes over 1,000 horsepower in some builds, was originally found in the Supra.

There’s also still a chance that Toyota will play it conservatively and the FR-S Supra will use the upcoming 2.5-liter FR-S engine. That would allow Subaru to release the same 2.5-liter BRZ as a BRZ STI.


Source: Autoweek.

1KHP Scion FR-S

It’s finally happened. Someone has cracked that magic number for the ultimate bragging rights on a Scion FR-S – 1,000 horsepower. Of course it was done with a Toyota Supra 2JZ engine swap, so that insane amount of horsepower isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. It would be nice for someone to figure out how to put down insane horsepower like this out of the FA20 turbo, but an engine swapped FR-S is still an FR-S and the car is awesome. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with the 400-hp to 450-horsepower out of turbo FR-S builds for now.

The car was built by Ekanoo racing out of Bahrain, so it’s actually a Toyota FT-86. The 2JZ 1khp FR-S put down a 9.5 second 1/4 mile time before something broke. The Ekanoo racing crew has a lot of experience building drag Supras so expect even faster times coming soon.

Listen to that FR-S Turbo whistle! It’s absolutely vulgar.

Toyota Supra Gets Scion FR-S Front End Retrofitted

The FR-S and Supra are linked, without the Supra’s irrefutable popularity Toyota would have never built the Scion FR-S, and without the success of the FR-S, Toyota would never consider building a new Supra, whether it’s an FR-S based Supra or a completely independent model.

That link between the FR-S and Supra obviously makes customizers think of combining the two cars into one. Most of the time that is a 2JZ Engine swap into the FR-S, but one tuner, Gameon Motorsports out of New South Wales has an alternative: A Scion FR-S (Toyota FT-86) front end swapped onto a 2JZ Supra.


The end result is definitely beautiful and will turn more than a few heads. Of course, a 15-year old 2JZ Supra costs about as much as a new FR-S, so most people who buy the older Supras are pretty happy to show off the stock front end. That’s what makes this custom Supra so special, it’s the opposite of a Fiero rocking a Ferrari body kit or even a 240SX with a GTR conversion. It’s a high end car wearing a less expensive one’s front end just because it looks good. There’s something so pure about that, like whoever built the Supra FR-S hybrid is tapped into what made us all love custom cars in the first place: the idea that with some work you can create something better than what came out of the factory, even if it means swapping a Chevy smallblock V8 into a BRZ or a FR-S front end onto a Supra.


Image via Gameon Motorsports Facebook.

Scion FR-S Convertible Not Dead Yet


In a will-they-won’t-they more dramatic than Ted and Robin or Ross and Rachel or Tyrion and Cersei (there’s tension there, don’t act like you haven’t wondered) Toyota might decide to go on without Subaru and build a Scion FR-S convertible on its own. Subaru has said that there was no chance for a convertible built on the Subaru BRZ/ Scion FR-S chassis because of safety and performance concerns and since the engineering and construction of the cars is Subaru’s responsibility, the drop top looked dead . Now a Toyota exec is saying the Scion FR-S convertible might get a chance at life, engineered and manufactured by Toyota alone.

Doug Murtha, Scion vice president for North America, said that Toyota is considering moving forward with the Scion FR-S convertible without Subaru and has asked each region to estimate sales of the potential FR-S drop top.

Subaru had said in no uncertain terms that the Scion FR-S convertible prototypes shown to the public and to dealers were just design exercises that had no chance of production. The engineering that would go into maintaining the Subaru BRZ’s performance and safety with the removal of the roof would make the project too expensive for Subaru to undertake.

Murtha understands why Subaru wouldn’t want to purse a BRZ convertible:

“When you look at their global volume relative to our global volume, convert that to (their potential share of the convertible segment), and it’s probably more in Toyota’s interest to pursue a vehicle like that,” he told Ward’s Auto.

The Scion FR-S’ second year of sales missed the company’s 20,000 unit projections, so now Scion is looking for ways to increase sales. The convertible option would be an obvious, if costly way to move cars. Scion does have more limited edition models from the FR-S Series, as well as the upcoming high-end Monogram Edition. The 250-horsepower 2.5-liter Scion FR-S will definitely increase sales, while the potential hybrid model is a little more of a gamble. A sedan FR-S 4-door with a turbocharger and all-wheel drive has also been considered but like the FR-S convertible it could be shot down by Subaru because it would compete too closely with the WRX.

Speedelement FR-S Is a Rolling Magazine for Awesome Aftermarket Parts

The Scion FR-S recipe has been proven time and time again. Small, light, four-cylinder, affordable rear wheel drive sports cars have been the secret love of car guys since the 50s and 60s when Triumphs and Austins and Alfas were carving up the canyons over So Cal while the muscle car guys were bombing down the 1/4 mile a few hundred feet below. The FR-S, like the Miata, the 240SX and the AE86 Corolla before it, is hated by people who “know cars” for the lack of straight line power while it’s loved by people who know cars for everything else the car does. There’s one thing the FR-S has that the Miata and 240 don’t. Supermodel looks. The car absolutely has a presence on the road. Even people completely ignorant about cars will turn their heads while the FR-S and BRZ drive by. It’s like a $25k Porsche 911.

If the stock FR-S is a Porsche, the Speedelement FR-S is a Rauh-Welt. It takes the good looks of the FR-S and pushes them to the limit, wider and much more aggressive, while still keeping what was special about the original car. If Saruman were a tuner, this would be his Uruk-hai.
Speedelement built this FR-S as a kind of rolling magazine for their customers. Built all using off-the shelf parts that Speedelement carries, the Scion can be recreated identically or used as inspiration for your own build.
Like the whale tail spoiler but don’t want to go with the full Rocket Bunny body kit? No problem.
Maybe the carbon fiber hood strikes your fantasy but you can’t see paying for LED headlights and custom tails. Or maybe the cold air intake would be more appealing than the expensive Work wheels.
Not many people can afford the Bride racing seats with Takata harnesses inside, but the Vertex Wheel on the Works Bell hub looks pretty sick.
Here’s the full shopping list for the Speedelement FR-S according to Stance Nation (check out their full shoot of the car for more pictures and a full writeup of the mods):


Work Meister S1R 2 Piece in White

Front: 18×9.5 -15

Rear: 18×10.5 -40

Hankook V12 tires:

Front: 235-40-18

Rear: 265-30-18


Project MU Front 4-Pistons X 4Pads BBK – 2-Piece 355mm X 32mm Rotor

Project MU Rear 2-Pistons BBK – 316mm X 20mm Rotor

Project MU NS400 Brake Pads

Project MU Teflon Brake Line

Project MU Racing Brake fluid


Airrex Air Suspension + Management

Cusco Front OS Strut Bar w/Brake Cylinder Stopper

Cusco Power Engine Brace

Cusco Rear Lateral Link

Cusco Rear Trailing Rod

Stance Rear Lower Control Arm

Perrin Front Sway Bar

Perrin Rear Sway Bar

Perrin Rear Endlink

Perrin Front Control Arm Brace


Rocket Bunny Ver1 Wide Body Kit

SpeedElement Rear Duct Bill Trunk ( in production )

Sypder Headlights

Deevo Lighting HID Kit

Lexon Exclusive Smoke Tail lights

Beatsonic Roof Fin

Beatsonic Rear Roof Spoiler

Seibon TS-Style Carbon Fiber Hood

Avest Japan LED Side Mirror

Hella Twin Supertone Horn Kit


Bride Stradia II Japan Venus

Buddy Club Seat Rail

Takata 4 Point Harness

MXP Titanium Shift Knob

Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel

Works Bell Steering Wheel Hub

NRG Quick Tilt System

Deevo Lighting LEDs Kit


Deevo Racing Hood Damper

HKS Oil Cap

Perrin Cold Air Intake

Perrin Inlet Hose

Perrin Lightweight Crank Pulley

Perrin Oil Cooler Kit

Perrin Battery Tie Down

Perrin Oil Filter Cover

Perrin Radiator Hose Kit

PMU Reservoir Cover

MXP Unequal length Header

MXP SS Front Pipe

DC Sports CatBack Exhaust System

Whiteline Transmission Positive Shift Kit


Images via Stance Nation.