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A 500-HP FR-S Turbo Will Put Hair On Your Chest

A turbo Scion FR-S is great, and there are off the shelf turbo kits that give over 300 hp right now.
That’s cool.
There are built FR-S and BRZ turbo cars with over 400 hp.
That’s really cool.
But a turbo FR-S with over 500 wheel horsepower?
That’s freaking awesome.

This monster Scion FR-S resides in Antigua and was built using a GTX3076 turbo kit, a built motor, a Dynosty Haltech standalone fuel system, and tuning by Dynosty. On a dynojet dyno (that was outdoors in Antigua, no air conditioner feeding this FR-S cold air for a couple extra hp for bragging rights), the turbo FR-S put down 530 wheel horsepower and 439 ft lb of torque.

Meguiar’s NuR Concept Car Shows What a High End FR-S/ BRZ Would Really Look Like


Ever wondered what a Lexus FR-S would look like? Sure, Toyota has released a concept high end FR-S, complete with a more upscale interior and a unique look, but then they said it was for girls, so you can’t buy it even if it ever does go on sale. What would your friends say? Plus all that body work would just add to the price without adding to the stat sheet, so even though it looks great, it’s not all that marketable.


More along the lines of reality is the Meguiar’s NuR concept car, which has a slew of upgrades to the FR-S body, drivetrain and interior that all tick boxes on the compare vs competition page Lexus would of course carefully align to the FR-S’s strengths (maybe move horsepower towards the bottom of the page).


The Meguiar’s NuR FR-S concept car was the brain child of Meguiar’s Associate Director RJ de Vera. He told D Sport “When I first saw the FR-S concept, I was sold. The bodylines were elegant and emulated some of Europe’s exotic car styles. I got in touch with Scion and shortly after its release, we had an FR-S press car in our possession.”


It was the exotic European style that inspired the Meguiar’s NuR concept’s high end twist on the pure sports car.


“Our goal was to produce a baby Euro exotic using the capable Scion FR-S as the foundation. Every part and upgrade was carefully chosen to ensure that the overall feel of the car was clean and elegant yet striking and bold in personality. It was quite important to us that the car had a fit and finish that one could imagine coming from an OEM bespoke division. We code-named this venture ‘NuR Concept’, a hint at the European influence you can expect to see in the build.” Shoreline Motoring in Huntington Beach, California did the work to make de Vera’s vision a reality.

The Meguiar’s NuR concept Scion FR-S has a Chargespeed carbon fiber front lip, side skirts and rear spats, contrasting the Fly Yellow paint. The gunmetal racing stripe and black logos match well with the carbon fiber body kit.


The Scion FR-S Meguiar’s NuR also has a Vortech supercharger kit, as well as a performance air intake and exhaust backing up all those sporty looks.

The wheels of the Meguiar’s FR-S are the coolest upgrade. Instead of just throwing some aftermarket wheels on, the NuR FR-S has a Forgeline center lock conversion adapted from a Porsche 911 GT3 and specifically designed GA1-R wheels. Not content to let it sit at just the visible upgrades, the NuR also has Pirelli Corse system tires with specific tread patterns front and rear for maximum traction and handling. KW Variant 3 coilovers handle the FR-S’ stance and Brembo brakes with floating discs in the rear handle the stopping.


The NuR FR-S interior is subtly upgraded. At first it looks stock, but then on a second glance it becomes clear that grey Alcantara leather with yellow stitching is almost everywhere, a simulation of the leather option you’d find on a Porsche or Aston Martin. A Kenwood head unit and Phoenix Gold speakers with a custom enclosed subwoofer provide music.




Images via D Sport.

ML24 Widebody Kit for FR-S and BRZ

One name has become synonymous with widebody kits for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ: Rocket Bunny.   While the Rocket Bunny V1 widebody kit is commonplace on at car shows and on great stanced show car tribute videos, a Rocket Bunny V2 kit has just been released.  The Rocket Bunny V2 widebody kit is even on Scion’s 2JZ Formula D car.


Now there’s a new BRZ and FR-S widebody kit trying to make a name for itself.  The ML24 widebody kit is available as a full eight piece widebody kit, as just a lip kit, or with just the wider fender flares.  The ML24 fender flares are a more traditional widebody look than the Rocket Bunny kit. With visible rivets that follow the arch of the fender, the ML24 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ widebody kit immediately brings to mind the fender flares you’re use to seeing on old Porsche or Datsun race cars.








Images via ML24.

Can You Drive The Scion FR-S In The Snow?


It’s been a while since there were many affordable rear-wheel drive sports cars for sale, so you can be forgiven for your misgivings when it comes to how the Scion FR-S does in the snow.

Snow driving an FR-S on a well packed, empty road is obviously a day pass to snow drifting fun, pretending you’re fighting for first place in a rally circuit.  That’s well and good, but what about doing the mid-snowstorm slalom around plows backing out of driveways without looking and stuck goofballs who left the 24s and summer tires on their Escalades with zero visibility?

Throw in a few performance upgrades that we all know every FR-S has like a new air intake or exhaust and the little car will be even more eager to break the rear end loose.

The Car Guide drove a Scion FR-S recently during a snowy Montreal winter and said that while there were some issues accelerating properly (partially attributed to worn out winter performance tires), the FR-S’ ability to drift effortlessly on snowy roads  made driving in the snow fun. The stability control made keeping the FR-S under control during snow driving the FR-S easy when it was on. The FR-S’ visceral feel was also praised even in icy conditions, and proves that a truly good sports car won’t get tiresome even when out of its element.



Image via Scion Life.

BMW Might Build The Next Supra Engine


Toyota and BMW have announced a partnership to build a joint platform for a sports car. Details of the Toyota and BMW sports cars haven’t been released, but the last time Toyota teamed up with another automaker for a sports car, we got the FR-S and BRZ, so the results should be extraordinary.

Toyota hasn’t built a sport car on its own in a few years, so when it came time to build a front engine rear wheel drive sports car, they turned to a partner with more experience in exciting cars and came up with the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. So it’s no surprise that Toyota would turn to another carmaker with a history of sports cars to work on a larger sports car.

“We have agreed on a joint architecture for a sports car. What is important is that there will be two different vehicles that are authentic to the two brands,” BMW development chief Herbert Diess told German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, according to Reuters.

It’s not hard to imagine that Toyota would call their new sports car the Supra, especially given BMW’s penchant for turbocharged inline six engines. We’ve speculated that Toyota might build the Supra on the FR-S platform like the original Supra was built on the Celica platform, and the Gazoo racing GRMN concept for the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon seemed to hint that an FR-S Supra was on the way, but a new platform might handle the high horsepower of a Supra better. Gazoo just released another video with more details of the concept car reinforcing the idea that the next Supra might be based on the FR-S.



Image via Autoguide.

FR-S Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum Goes Drifting, Looks a lot like an FR-S Supra


The Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum is a perfect example of what a tuner would do with the Scion FR-S if they had the money of an OEM. That’s because Gazoo Racing is a tuner with the money of an OEM. As Toyota’s internal skunkworks, Gazoo has the advantage of not only the largest automaker in the world’s money, but also the talent behind it. So when they build a show car out of a Scion FR-S, it isn’t just a show car. To prove that, Gazoo took the GRMN Sports FR Platinum drifting, and the there’s definitely some steak behind that sizzle.

When Gazoo first released teaser shots of the FR-S GRMN we said it looked like there were hints that an FR-S Supra would be built. Watching the video, the little Supra details seem even more obvious. The tail lights and headlights are obvious throwbacks to the fourth generation Supra. The Gazoo GRMN also has small triangular hood vents that look an awful lot like the TRD Supra hood. The way the car moves, it’s obvious it has some engine performance upgrades, and probably more than just an intake and exhaust, though whether it’s a six-cylinder engine swap remains to be seen.

If you’re the type to look for hints of future cars in concept vehicles, and you should be, then the Gazoo Racing GRMN Sports FR Platinum definitely points to a FR-S Supra.

Scion Announces Limited Edition Monogram Series Luxury FR-S


Luxury these days means a huge car with a front seat that could be used as a living room sofa, a slew of gadgets that make driving as convenient as possible, a soft suspension, and an engine that could power a locomotive (you know, just in case you need to pass some jerk clogging up the left lane slogging along at just 80).

The Scion FR-S doesn’t fit the current definition luxury car. With a small cockpit, a small engine, a beautiful exterior and a focus on road handling that means the suspension transmits road conditions to the driver, it does fit in with cars like the legendary Aston Martin DB-5, Jaguar E-Type and Porsche 911. One thing has been missing from that keeps the FR-S from fitting into the classic sports car archetype: a high end interior.

The 2015 Scion FR-S Monogram Series will fix that, giving the FR-S an upscale interior that would make owners of a 1970’s Porsche green with envy. The 2015 FR-S Monogram Series, which will be limited to just 2,000 units, will have heated leather seats with Alcantara inserts, a dual zone climate control and push button start along with navigation and a premium stereo. Outside, the 2015 Scion FR-S Monogram Series has HID headlights with LED accents.

The FR-S Monogram isn’t the first FR-S designed to be more upscale than the standard street car, the Toyota 86 xstyle Cb concept car had a high end interior along with a unique exterior.

Scion hasn’t announced any performance upgrades for the Monogram FR-S, but expect at least a performance air intake so that Scion can advertise an extra five horsepower, if not a more aggressive exhaust as well.

The MSRP of the 2015 Scion FR-S Monogram Series will be $27,400 with a manual transmission or $28,500 with an automatic.



Source: Motor Authority.

A Turbo Hybrid AWD FR-S? BRZ and FR-S Sedans Will Get High End Technology


One of the major selling points of the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ has been the pure sports car driving experience that isn’t complicated by unnecessary technology. That’s why it’s strange to hear that a turbocharged hybrid all-wheel drive version of the FR-S and BRZ might be on the way. The FR-S and BRZ Sedan project, which was hinted at in the past but believed dead, would use all-wheel drive, a hybrid system and, most excitingly of all, a turbocharger.

Toyota has discussed a hybrid system as the most likely power adder for a future higher performance version of the FR-S and BRZ (after the 2.5-liter FR-S and BRZ come out), claiming that a turbocharger would put too much strain on the drivetrain. Now it seems they have revised that line of thinking (possibly after coming up short in the power department with just the hybrid) and are planning on combining the hybrid system with a turbocharger for 300-horsepower in the FR-S sedan. That’s not all, Toyota is also planning to make the FR-S Sedan all-wheel drive using in wheel motors that would only activate when rear wheel traction was lost.

Motor Trend claims that a version of the GT86 sedan has already been built and is 187 inches long, 70 inches wide, 55.1 inches high and has a 108.2-inch wheelbase. That would put it close to the Subaru Legacy and Toyota Camry in terms of size. The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Sedan’s super secret internal development code is 734A, so if you’re a hacker pouring through Toyota’s internal documents and run into that code, feel free to send us any information you get with it (note: do not hack into Toyota in order to attempt to glean some hints on the GT86 Sedan, it’s not worth the prison sentence).



Image via Motortrend.