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Hot Wheels Scion FR-S Gets Donk Variation

It looks like Hot Wheels goofed on a run of Scion FR-S die cast models and threw some Ds on that. The Scion FR-S Hot Wheels car normally comes with appropriately sized wheels, but some three packs that include the FR-S have huge wheels on the sports car, making it look more like a donk built for cruising down the street with the system bumping than a corner carving machine.


In case you’re unfamiliar with toys and collectibles, every once in a while a minor mistake will make it into production (or a small change will be purposely made in low quantities), creating a variation that is more rare and thus more collectible and valuable than the standard toy. The Hot Wheels Scion FR-S variation may be valuable in a few years once the mistake is out of production. At the very least, it will make a fun collectible for Scion FR-S owners.



The Lamley Group discovered this variation and they say that the donk FR-S can be found in 3-packs from Walmart stores. You can tell the variation Hot Wheels FR-S by the missing bit of paint in the white stripe down the side.

Great Video of Stanced Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is a fun to drive sports car with excellent handling, but not everyone wants to drive fast and slide around corners for fun. Some Scion FR-S owners, like the one who built this blue FR-S, are into show more than go. This stanced FR-S with the Rocket Bunny Body Kit has 18 inch wheels with a huge lips thanks to their 10.5 inch width. Those wheels are sitting at -15 camber with stretched tires to fit perfectly underneath the fenders of the dropped FR-S.

And if you’re thinking that this Scion FR-S’ stance ruins the fun of the car and makes it boring to drive, think for a minute about how exciting and nerve wracking it must be to drive a dropped FR-S with less than an inch between the wheels and the fenders on New York’s rough roads.

400-HP V6 Scion FR-S Built By TOM’s Racing


TOM’s racing built a V6-powered Toyota GT86/ Scion FR-S for last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. The TOM’s N086V has a 400-horsepower V6 fitted to the Toyota GT86/ Scion FR-S body.


The TOM’s N086V uses the 3.5-liter V6 engine from the Lexus IS350 and Lexus GS350 swapped into the FR-S. The engine is then tuned up to 400-horsepower, double the stock FR-S’ 200-hp, but the same as a bolt on turbo kit for the FR-S makes.


Like any concept car worth its salt, the TOM’s N086V has a custom body kit with a new front bumper, carbon fiber wide body fenders, custom side skirts and a custom rear bumper with a diffuser.


What’s really interesting about this concept is that it proved that the V6 engine could fit in a FR-S. That engine might be the one used in the FR-S based Supra that Toyota hinted at with the Gazoo Racing concept.


Source: Autoguide.

Toyota Might Break Away From Subaru With Next Scion FR-S

Toyota might break away from Subaru with the next Scion FR-S, according to chief engineer for the FR-S Tetsuya Tada. Toyota has not made any official statements about whether the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ twins will remain identical for the next generations of the cars, but in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Tada implied that a continued relationship wasn’t set in stone.


At issue is whether Subaru’s main contribution to the FR-S BRZ twins, the 2.0-liter engine, will be used when the cars are redesigned.

“The boxer has benefit for low center of gravity, but (we will develop the) concept for the next generation car first and then we will look at best possible options to fit,” Tada said.

Toyota has a few options for the next generation FR-S. The 2.5-liter version of the FA20/ 4U-GSE engine that will debut in the 2015 FR-S and BRZ with 250-horsepower could continue on. Scion could be planning a cylinder Supra based on the FR-S, and has teased that idea with a Gazoo racing concept. Toyota is also getting back on the turbocharging wagon with a turbo four-cylinder that should debut on the Lexus NX compact SUV concept in November at the Tokyo motor show. We already know how potent a turbo FR-S can be, but developing an in house turbo four instead of working off the boxer engine would cut Subaru out of the engineering process altogether.

Scion FR-S Hybrid Ready For Production

Scion FR-S Hybrid

A Scion FR-S Hybrid is ready to be put into production with little engineering work. Koei Saga, Toyota senior manager of drivetrain engineering, has said that development of a hybrid version of the Toyota GT86 along with the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ is close enough to production, thanks to work with racing cars and Toyota’s work towards making its hybrid systems modular, that whenever the greenlight is given a production version will shortly follow.

Saga told Autocar “We are quite prepared because we do have a hybrid system that we can use for that kind of vehicle, utilizing the production passenger car hybrid system, and we also have the pure race-oriented hybrid system. The development work is quite advanced now, so if the green light is given, we are ready to do it. So I think it won’t be very far in the future that the green light will come.”

The Toyota Synergy Drive has been used on the rear-wheel drive Lexus GS450h in addition to the company’s front-drive hybrids, so adapting it to the FR-S won’t be a problem. A manual transmission has also been used with the hybrid system in racing cars, so the FR-S Hybrid could be the first stick shift hybrid made by Toyota.

Saga was asked if the FR-S could deal with the added weight of a hybrid system and still maintain its sporty feel and he said “Yes, with a good layout design, we think that even if may be a bit heavier, it can be a fun car to drive.”

The batteries could also be mounted low in the car’s chassis to lower the center of gravity and underbody aerodynamic tweaking could help alter the car’s balance in turns to maintain the feel of the FR-S. Weight savings could also be added on to the cost of the hybrid system to offset some of the FR-S Hybrid’s weight gain.

Subaru BRZ engine swap ls2 GTO

6.0-Liter LS2 V8 Swapped Into a Subaru BRZ – BRZ06

Subaru BRZ engine swap ls2 GTO

If the 2.0-liter, 200-horsepower flat four-cylinder engine in the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S isn’t enough for you, you’ll probably be a bit more excited by a 400-horsepower 6.0-liter V8 swap. The BRZ’s engine bay, built for the wide flat-four, is big enough to fit the monster LS Series V8.

Subaru BRZ V8 Engine Swap LS2

The LS2 engine in the V8 BRZ originally came from a GTO, but in typical swap fashion, it uses parts from a few different GM vehicles including the CTS-V and G8 in order to fit in the smaller car’s engine bay. The GTO’s LS2 V8 has 400-horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque and the aluminum LS2 only adds about 60-lbs to the BRZ’s curb weight.

V8 BRZ Swap

The 400-HP V8 swapped Subaru BRZ was built by Weapons Grade Performance in Wallingford, Connecticut. Not just a race car, the BRZ V8 swap still has air conditioning, ABS and the rest of the car’s original electronics excluding the electronic power steering and tachometer.

In case you were worried about BRZ’s performance potential, even with the torque monster V8 swap under the hood the V8 BRZ still uses the factory rear end upgraded with 3.73 gears. Weapons Grade Performance says they can perform this swap on customer cars, so if adding performance parts to your BRZ or even waiting for the 255-hp 2.5-liter 2015 BRZ won’t cut it for you, you should give them a shout.

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Images via LSXTV.

400 WHP Turbo Scion FR-S Tears It Up On The Streets

The Scion FR-S is a fun, beautiful, well balanced sports car, but if there’s one legitimate complaint about the FR-S and it’s twin the Subaru BRZ, it’s that they car isn’t powerful enough.  To remedy that one shortcoming, you could wait until 2015 for the 255-hp 2.5-liter FR-S, or you could work with some of the many Scion FR-S performance upgrades available now.

That’s what Youtuber Mack4477 did with his FR-S, outfitting it with a Scion FR-S turbo kit.  This FR-S has a Full Blown Motorsports Stage 1 kit with a GTX upgrade running 16 psi on E85 and a claimed 400 wheel horsepower. That’s more than double the FR-S’ stock 200 horsepower at the engine.

Here’s the turbo FR-S racing a naturally aspirated Pontiac Firehawk with 525 wheel horsepower, the FR-S surprisingly wins, but in the comments Mack4477 says the Firehawk missed third gear.

The 400 whp turbo FR-S raced a 650 whp Mitsubishi Evo from a 30-mph roll

Both of those races were against much more powerful cars, so it’s not surprising for the FR-S to lose (or win with an asterisk). Here’s the turbo FR-S racing a stock Mitsubishi 300GT from a dig in what is a much more fair race (the Mitsubishi is down a lot of horsepower, but the all-wheel drive system helps it launch harder.

The 3000GT does get a better launch, but then the lighter and more powerful turbo FR-S pulls away easily.

We’ll be watching Mack4477’s Youtube channel in the future to see more of his car’s adventures. We’d love to see it go up against a new Mustang or Camaro to see a good comparison how quick the turbo FR-S is vs it’s modern competition.

Toyota Designs a Stylish, Upscale GT86

… And then insults everyone by calling it a GT86 for women.

Toyota GT86 xstyle cb concept for women


Toyota built a stylish, high end GT86 concept car with custom bodywork for last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon called the Toyota 86 xstyle Cb and then submarined the promising concept by saying it was a GT86 for women.

Toyota GT86 xstylecb concept

That’s not totally fair. Toyota’s actual words, translated, were “Fashion woman customization perspective that emphasizes the color and texture, was choreographed in urban quality.” So maybe it’s just for urban women.

More than a decade into the 21st century we think it might be time for Toyota to get on the same page as the rest of the world and acknowledge that there are both women who love the visceral thrills of a true sports cars and men who don’t treat every morning’s commute as a reason to cosplay Dominic Toretto and prefer a more mature, refined automobile with leather and wood and an attractive exterior.


If they had called this a Lexus SC200 concept with bespoke coachwork by an Italian design firm, Alcantara leather interior with real hard wood accents and just let the design stand on its own, this would be a design we could get behind.

Instead it looks an awful lot like Toyota told the GT86 team that they had to build a sports car for adults and the team said ‘that sounds too girly.’


Source: Autoguide

Differences Between The Scion FR-S And Subaru BRZ has put together a video detailing the differences between the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

The video goes through the different the cars have different front bumpers and headlights. The BRZ has HID lights and LED running lights, while the FR-S makes do with ordinary halogen lights. The BRZ also has fog lamps, which are a $490 option on the FR-S. The front fenders have different trim pieces, with the FR-S getting an 86 logo as an homage to the FT86 that it’s based on (and by extension the AE86 that car is named after) and the Subaru getting a more ordinary piece of jewelry with no special meaning. The spoilers on the cars are also different.

Inside, the Subaru BRZ gets a trunk liner while the FR-S does not. The FR-S has stitching on the center of the steering wheel. The BRZ and FR-S have different dash boards and instrument panels. The BRZ has a bunch of upscale options available for the interior like heated leather and Alcantara seats, automatic climate control, a smart key with an engine start/ stop button and navigation.

The video also touches on the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ suspension differences, noting that while the Scion’s is more aggressive and has more oversteer and a sharper turn in while the Subaru BRZ is more balanced and stable.

Gazoo Scion FR-S Teased Before Tokyo Auto Salon, Hints At GT86-Based Supra

The Gazoo Racing Scion FR-S will debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January, so until that time we’ll have to make do with these teaser images. The Gazoo racing GT86 (Gazoo is Toyota Japan’s skunkworks team so they will naturally build their car out of the Toyota GT86 rather than the North American Scion FR-S) will be called the GRMN GT86 for Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nurburgring.


The Gazoo FR-S will have new smaller tail lights with four circular bulbs definitely inspired by the Supra. Using Supra tail lights could be a hint that the new Toyota Supra will be based on the GT86/ FR-S platform. That would be a throwback to the first Supras, which were Celicas (at the time Toyota’s rear-drive four-cylinder sports car) with six-cylinder engines stuffed inside.


New more angular head lights will make the Gazoo GRMN FR-S a completely unique version of the GT86/ FR-S.


The Gazoo Racing FR-S might also be the first version of the new 2.5-liter, 255-hp engine for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ that will make its way into production in 2015.


Source: Autoguide.